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Red hair = Never

Blonde = Not normally
Brunette = Usually
Black = Sometimes

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@TheMustacheHero said:
" What the heck? 2 missions, and you said it lasted "hours" what kinda BS is this? "
Free BS.
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Ha. Go listen to Listen UP, it usually aproaches 3 hours. Yes, longer than Transformers 2. And I listen to it every week.

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BTW, I use
neoshooter for the pictures. If you have vista you can just use the snipping tool. Or you could just prt scr and crop all the rest out.
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Sorry to.. uhhh, burst your bubble but I used a little thing called Photoshop.

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What happened there?
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86. Life pauses to allow you to switch your weapons, equip different armor, use medical items, and spend your talent points.

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Good choice bro. Leave your friends, Giant Bomb knows what's up, not them.

JK, but yeah, no points in fucking a chick if you won't remember how amazing it (if drunk sex even is amazing, can't say I've done it) was the next day.