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#1 Posted by sk0ney (51 posts) -

this is so brutal..

#2 Edited by sk0ney (51 posts) -

:/ ive already said my piece, but wow i was looking forward to finally meeting both ryan and jeff at pax - australia.

i'll never get that chance now and that is absolutely crushing to know i'll never meet one of the people i have thoroughly enjoyed listening to for over a decade now.

RIP, im absolutely gutted

#3 Posted by sk0ney (51 posts) -

i really hope we donate..

#4 Posted by sk0ney (51 posts) -

wow.. this is horrible.

maybe this isnt the right time/place for this.. but are we donating? for anna? for gb? id really love to show my appreciation for all the laughs ryan gave me :/

#5 Posted by sk0ney (51 posts) -

support email sent.

#6 Posted by sk0ney (51 posts) -

ahhh, good stuff.

thanks for the quick replies

#7 Posted by sk0ney (51 posts) -

yeh i never got a coupon when i upgraded.. ahh well, just gotta wait.

#8 Posted by sk0ney (51 posts) -

Where can i find details of where to find this second stream i get with my premium stream.

SURELY.. there will be some pre-show shenanigans on this behind the scenes stream

#9 Posted by sk0ney (51 posts) -

..can they change the camera view to include some of the office... that way the stream isnt so god damn boring.

im not expecting anything EXCITING TO HAPPEN (ala BLL Show #1 - drunk cam outside), but some movement would be great.

#10 Posted by sk0ney (51 posts) -

Perth, 1am i spose then?

lookin forward to it.

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