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Adam Sessler would make a fine addition.

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I declare that on this day forward. . . Bourbon with One Ice Cube shall be called the Ryan Davis.

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I was in a daze when I first heard the news. It didn't hit me until i received a reply from Ryan's father on twitter. I wrote him that as a father, i could not imagine what he is going through and he replied. . .

@Skadave @taswell please keep you son close by. Hug them every time you can, learn to love him unconditionally. The best gift you can give.

This hit me hard. Even now when i read it, it still gets to me.

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I bought a bottle of Eagle Rare this weekend in honor of Ryan. Good Stuff.

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I find the "I don't understand why you wouldn't want to wear it" or "Don't be a pussy" comments ridiculous. . . Really, you can't fathom why someone would not want to wear it?

Here are my ONE reason why i could not wear this shirt: I have a 2 year old son and a 6 year old daughter.

- I would get thrown out of my kids' school/daycare.

- My daughter would ask me "What does FUCK, Ryan Davis mean?"

I have no problem if you were to wear this shirt. . . but don't play the naive tough guy and pretend you can't see why people would choose not to wear it.

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Everything I have read on the internet (including twitter) has been incredibly positive. It's heartwarming.

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I cannot stop thinking about this horrible tragedy. I wrote his father some kind words today on twitter and he replied. Every time i read that reply my eyes get teary. This hurts.

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I own a 360, PS3, Wii and a Vita. I primarily use my 360, my PS3 is my BluRay/Uncharted player, my Wii is in a closet somewhere, and I am one of the few people who have and enjoy the Vita.

I doubt i will get every console next generation (we'll see).

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DmC = $40

New Sly Cooper = $30 (I missed Best Buy's sale a few weeks ago)

Tomb Raider = $40

Ni No Kuni = $30

My backlog is quite full right now, so i am in no rush to buy a new game. But if any of the games above reach those prices, i might pick it up (DmC for sure. . . i loved Enslaved).