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Sync problem fixed! Thanks, Vinny!

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This multiplayer definitely looks like fun... but when does the embargo on single player details lift?

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@groin said:
" I already have this quest. "
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Really doesn't look bad at all.

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" @RE_Player92: @RE_Player92 said:
" @Stefan said:
" @UncertainOtter said:
" Vinny, do you sleep? "
hardest working man on the planet "
My thoughts exactly.  "
This stuff posts automatically at a certain time.  I believe it is 8am CST but havent had to check in awhile/.  After a couple endurance runs you figure it out. "
Yeah, but Vinny was online!
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Vinny, do you sleep?

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I like how the guy handles and throws away everything he unboxes like they are not very limited.

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@lucas_kelly said:
" Anyone else notice that Nanoc is Conan backwards? "
@Kung_Fu_Viking said:
" My mind has been blown. "
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After listening to this podcast I ran out and got Enslaved. I'm not expecting too much, especially after watching the Quick Look, but I kind of grew up with the classic novel that it was based on so I was already really interested to see how it was adapted. The compelling case that the Bombcast gang made for the game's storytelling was the final push I needed to commit.

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The premise and setup of the Captain Smiley character is enough to convince me to get this game.