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@Deathpooky: It's really awesome those things are said. But I want to rub Purell on my brain because Scalia said them.
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Should start seeing it on store shelves in the US by next week. 
Also, is this the first time that a Holiday Bundle included an M-rated game?

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The UI freezes up after a bit of scrolling through your download history using the trigger buttons. 
It's impossible to put on the Limited Edition Ezio Avatar Outfit (and perhaps a few other avatar items which are no longer available for purchase), even after redownloading the item. 
I kind of miss being able to browse through what downloads are available for the game you have in your disc drive by just going to the "(Y) More Information" page.

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@Phog_of_War said:
" Oh shit...I am an old man.    Fraggle Rock The Muppet Show The Smurfs The Snorks Looney Tunes The Flintstones You Cant Do That On Television Danger Mouse Hanna-Barberra cartoons Thundercats G.I. Joe He-Man Voltron (the one with the Lions and the shitty one with a bunch of Cars) Transformers (the old school cartoons not this crazy CG shit) Darkwing Duck Tail Spin Captian Kangeroo The Bozo the Clown show on WGN Double Dare Mr. Rodgers Mr. Wizard on NIckelodian And anything on Liqud Television on MTV, the birthplace of The Simpsons, Ren and Stimpy and Beavis & Butthead     (Not really kid stuff but awesome for late 80's programing) And thats just what I can remember, because my late teenage years and now into my 30's have mostly been a blur of education, work, beer, and every once in a while bong resin. "
Add TMNT and this is pretty much my list. 
Did anyone else watch a show called Pete & Pete?
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@NekuSakuraba: A democrat trying his best to troll republicans by promoting virtual guns regulation.
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If you are an English-speaking gamer, this will affect you. This case affects what developers everywhere will produce. It will also affect what foreign-developed games get localized into English (think what this might mean for Capcom, PlatinumGames, or the chances for an English version of Demon Souls 2 or Catherine). The case has the potential to effectively shrink the US market... and that's not really good for anyone.

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Duck blood tofu with miso ramen noodles.

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I wasn't alive when the original trilogy was released, and while I'm not fanatical about it, I still have very fond memories for Star Wars because I'm pretty sure it's the very first space opera I experienced. ET and Back to the Future were all great sci-fi films, but I don't think any of those sci-fi films comes close to the scale of Star Wars. And as a young kid, I wasn't allowed to watch Alien and Blade Runner didn't make any sense to me. Even in 1987 I wasn't able to fully appreciate Star Trek: The Next Generation. Star Wars was really, really, really accessible. And then... Wing Commander! And then Wing Commander 3 with Mark Hammil... and Tom Wilson. Star Wars was pretty awesome. 
@Gamer_152: I also love it when the science behind my sci-fi is legit. I got chills down my spine when I learned that "quantum entanglement" mentioned in Mass Effect 2 is real.

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@takua108 said:
" New dashboard is just a more Metro version of the old one. "
Goebbels, this is Calibri! NOOOOOOOOO!!! 
Hm... after a bit of playing around, it seems like inputs aren't as responsive as before. A lot of my A-presses don't seem to be registering as fast as they did before.