Japanese franchises that are nothing like Final Fantasy

Because people who keep saying "JAPAN IS DONE IN THE WEST BECAUSE FINAL FANTASY SUCKS NOW" annoy the hell out of me.

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

People say that?

Posted by Skald
@ahoodedfigure: It's not so much that they say that verbatim, but they bring up things like how Final Fantasy gets lower review scores now than they did in the '90s every time someone says  that the Japanese can't make good/interesting games anymore. I made this list because I had just read one such thread, and was about to post it to show that there were games that different from Final Fantasy in every single way, but still relevant and fun. In the end, I decided not to, but I kept the list anyway.
Which, of course, is uncharacteristic of me because I could just play Baldur's Gate all day and I'd totally be fine with that. Japanese RPGs are interesting to me, but not really my taste. I still hate it when people put the cart before the horse and declare such and such a game is dead because it didn't resonate with them personally. 
Hence the list. 
De gustibus non disputandum est .  
Posted by Snail

How is Metal Gear Solid, with a ridiculously long and confusing story, nothing like Final Fantasy? It's trademark Japanese plot right there.