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Is it just me I get stuck at every freaking level not in combat but after I have killed everyone...where the hell do I go next. Its a really pretty game but the game design isn't very good.

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Is it only me that think uncharted is a bad Lara Croft/Tomb Raider ripoff?

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  Am I missing something? "

But seriously. Its a puzzle game, not everyone likes puzzle games. (But I do). Angry Bird is just a meh game  
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" @ep_driver said:
" Hey GB'ers,  My 360 gets moody from time to time and won't recognize discs. One day it will work fine, then the next day I'll turn it on and a clicking noise comes from the disc tray/laser (somewhere in that region of the box) and it won't spin the disc or recognize ones even there. It doesn't give the disc read error 360s usually give, and in the dashboard it says "Open Tray." Sometimes I get frustrated and punch the side of my 360 and it will start working. Other days I NES it and blow inside with the disc tray open. Or occasionally I'll leave it alone for a day or two and it will start working again.  Does anyone else ever have this problem? If so, does anybody know of a permanent fix or a temporary fix better than me blowing into my 360 like it's 1989.  Thanks for any tips you guys can provide. "
thats a pretty typical problem in the last few models before the slim, eventually it will die, its something to do with the lens over the laser slipping out of position, the only real fix is to open the xbox and move it back but of course thats not something i could recommend since its tricky and voids your warranty, the only advice i have is dont use a lens cleaner that will invariably make the problem worse. "

Weird I got the exact same problem on my X360 slim
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gameplay over graphics any day.

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Then I hereby formally request this feature :P

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Is there a way to show the names of the secret achievements on Giant Bomb?

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I actually think thats quite good, but then again I dont think ive ever heard of The Specials. "

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first person shooters

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or just copy paste