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I would definitely suggest getting security work or getting a civilian sector equivalent of what your job was. Starting a business takes money and having a nice big bankroll backing you up never hurt anybody.

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I like Toegoff on youtube so maybe check him out, also I believe Towellie of TGN made a vid about getting started with streaming/youtube.

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I don't think this was the right video to show us if you want criticism. We don't really get anything out of you, no bad jokes, trying to show-off,news, nothing that gets my attention. I would try showing a little more of a personality.

Just my opinion, I'm not that popular either so it may just be bullshit.

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@Brenderous said: is good for beginners, if you're just starting out.

I second this recommendation.

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You can always get Borderlands or Titan Quest with what is left over, probably even the expansions too if you want.

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Is there any way the guys on the team can talk so the whole group doesn't wind up streaming the same games? Also, would it be ok to form a group on twitch?

My link:

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Man, wheres the link to the guns

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If it can upload to trapwire, doesn't that mean it's not closed circuit? Sorry if this is a dumb question.

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I really like all the deadpool comics but maybe the Deadpool + Cable ones, or the ones where he was with Spider-man are what I would suggest.

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Meanwhile, rudimentary private servers are up and running. Just saying.

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