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Just started playing, I'm not very good yet. I only played a few games and only against the computer, but even there on defense I find that letting the AI handle the pass rush is better than trying to blitz myself. I'll have to try icon passing cause I get a bit frustrated some games throwing to the wrong receiver :/

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360 too? Yessss thank you very much.

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I would drop the $250 for the 3DS right now. I want it so badly. It's a hefty chunk of money, but I think this thing is going to be ridiculously awesome.

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I had one, didn't use it once. I didn't even know that shit was still around, I thought they shut the program down.

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I almost always start with normal. If it's a game a like enough to play through multiple times I'll pick a higher difficulty after I beat it once. Or sometimes if it's a game I just want to fly through because the sequel is coming out and I just want to get caught up I might pick an easier difficulty.

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Hmmmit's pretty close for me between the Halo series or the Smash Bros series.

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The way they do it is fine, I see no problem with it. And I'm sorry but it's not like they can all play every big game that came out this year. I doubt they have the time for that with running the site and all. Plus they probably don't want to play them all. It's the Giant Bomb top 10, they're opinions will be different from other sites. They will make the decisions the best that they can based on what they've played and if you have a problem with it than go somewhere else.

Besides, I think it's best how they go about the discussions. They go in raw so the real thoughts for the games come out.

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It's up on threadless for voting right now. I'd love it if it got chosen obviously, but I just want to see it with a shit ton of votes. The link is below if you could check it out and vote that'd be cool. I'm not asking for 5's, just be honest.   
But I'd like to know, has anyone seen any awesome Batman shirts before? Really the only one I've seen that I liked enough to buy has been one with just the logo in the center.
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The MLG SC2 tournament is awesome. I think this is the third one and its grown so much each time. This tourney is huge.

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Interesting, a well made affordable game sells like crazy. Hmm.

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