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Why close the gap to the current generation, if the current generation userbase is hungry for the next generation - have been for years, at least in my case.

That said, as a gamer, I'm excited for what Nintendo and their WiiU brings to the table. Dualscreen & touchscreen & motion control & augmented reality gaming in combination with the classic controller setup - that's got 'Core Gamer' written all over it - and I'd love to see it succeed.

I'm just not excited by the evident lack of processing power. We need a massive increase in processing power & system memory, for bigger and better and more badass games, that no longer have to compromise their vision due to lack of processing power & system memory. The WiiU isn't it. It's pretty much a 360, only it's got to divert processing power to the tablet controller display, which likely makes it less powerful than even a 360, especially if a game takes full advantage of the tablet controller.

Not at launch. Not at that price. Not with that laughable amount of harddrive space. But yes - I am in the market for a WiiU - it's Nintendo's return to the core market, and I'm game for that. Just make me a better offer in a year or two, and you'll get my business.

Sanity at last. To everyone that buys it at launch you deserve as much fun as your purchase should warrant, hopefully Nintendo delivers. I will be waiting for a combination of games and a console configuration that suits my tastes. I never buy consoles at launch but The Wii U and the Vita are the only ones I have not had. Vita is getting closer to tempting me.

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WiiU getting MonHun 3 world wide along with the 3DS version. Please don't kill yourself weeaboo sony fanboys.

i'm pretty sure we can live with it, considering they are planning on monster hunter 4 and your just getting milked like a sucker. I have freedom unite on psp and it's cool, but i honestly am not jealous as I passed on Monster Hunter Tri for Wii with Pro controller for like $30 bucks. If you are smart you will wait for 4 and not get sucked in, just slezzin. Fanboy or no.

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Seriously? Bayonetta is the thing that makes people going from "I dont give a shit" to " OMG DAY ONE" ? Really?

Bayonetta has a strong following and if i wasn't already buying it and was on the fence, this would of sold me. But i could say the same thing about Halo, I don't care for it and wouldn't buy a console for it but millions do. And yeah Bayonetta isn't as huge but it does have it's followers.

this is what's known as a false equivalency friend.

bayonetta to halo???? seriously?

the reason why everyone is talking up bayonetta 2 is it's the only suprise game announced that could be good for that genre.

If anyone wants a deal skip this and get a 3ds at wamart tomorrow for $119 that is a deal (canada anniversary flyer) at least at this point there are a decent set of games available and some sales.

I don't want Nintendo to fail, but I am cautious of them and will be taking a wait and see on this one. Considering how many games they released for wii and the costs of accessories etc I am not overly satisfied with that one. It's alright I just don't think for the 350 plus 2 games and tax that I would spend on Wii U at launch would really justify the enjoyment. I can spend a fraction of that on all the games I am waiting for this holiday instead. Games I want to play far more than any of the Wii U "launch" titles, I will concede it's a new gadget and has novelty but I think people will stare the truth in the face after a week or two with it.

Nostalgia is the main reason Nintendo gets away with much of the stuff they pull. It's good for a new generation of kids to play these classics in updated form, but when you don't cycle through your ip's and you don't curry 3rd party support and don't really do innovative things with your gimmick, LOOK at Motion Plus? So glitchy Grand Slam Tennis, and glitchy Skyward Sword was the best you could do?

What amount of faith am I supposed to put into your tablet controller? I hope they release amazing games every few months and make tablet gameplay fun and engaging in new ways, with a robust online system and consistent strong 3rd party support. I frankly have my doubts. Not to rain on anyones I'ma get a Wii U parade.

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because you can

because you choose to accept that despite the potential for little meaning in things you choose to see your own meaning

because if you don't take a positive outlook you'll end up alienating everyone and being worse off

because you are investing too much of your time in things / people / actions that are making you feel hollow and need to change it up.

perhaps it's time to spend more time away from escapism (games / movies etc) and do things that ulitmately have real weight to them.

whether you decide to improve your outlook is really moot for all the rest of us, but some might still care what happens to you on a general surface level.

if it is a chemical thing causing you to feel this way ie persistant irrational feelings of apathy and "greyness" perhaps it's time to see someone about it. it could help.

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Human nature, they invest time and money into something and then even if it is in reality mediocre or not really fantastic, they have to inflate it in their minds or make allowances for it because to call it out for it's flaws or to aknowledge its shortcomings then they have to deal with the fact that they didn't invest their time and money wisely. (yes i know that was a run on sentence)

They would also be forced to put the lens on themselves for perhaps not making a great purchase possibly in error or being misled by advertising and or word of mouth and hype from early adopters.

Hey I bought Fifa 12 and it pissed the hell out of me for many parts and I will buy Fifa 13 (mainly because i follow soccer and the game is an extension, i'd much rather play real football but it fills a hole) Needless to say I am not gonna sit there and hype it up and play up it's strengths and sweep the flaws under the rug.

People need to start to learn to seperate things, activities, interests that they have as being seperate from them and are their own things, if someone else doesn't like them it shouldn't be taken as an attack on your own person.

aka You play COD and like Barcelona well then your a DBag, or your my long lost Bro.

It's human nature but it's incredibly limiting to get pulled in like that. My friend and his wife are both playing GW2 and seem to be enjoying it, it looks good for an MMO i guess, To me I see Grind Wars 2, but i'm not really interested in MMO's. My point is the Game should just be the game, Pros and Cons but seperate to the people playing it, even though they play it.

Sorry long winded but it is a pet peeve of mine, you critisize (even constructively) anything someone else likes and they take it personally. It's pretty weak, and it makes humans really easy to be manipulated in society, look at polotics.

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You need to finish Aggresive inline once and for all, that or pitch it in the trash so that you can get the 2002 games backlog completed achievement.

Prototype is the only one I have ever seen anyone's eyes light up while discussing it of those listed. I however always felt it was the red headed stepchild to Infamous, despite not really playing either.

Dark void has the perk that Nolan North is doing the voicework, the downside though is that you have to play Dark Void.

You might get a decent trade in on knights contract as I doubt more that 15 people bought it, I still remember seeing a Rogue Warrior trade in at gamestop/ebgames for 30 dollars 2 months after release, they occasionally bail people out of bad purchase decisions on shitty (rarish sales wise) games.

This is an arcane reference but in all fairnes your backlog looks like the last 6 picks in a magic the gathering booster draft. Completely worthless.

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Rockstar's Table Tennis

it holds up in a vacuum and would be one of those deserted island games for me like mario 3, wouldn't ever get sick of it. Frankly if it was on PS3 i would still play it, but i do have my 360 copy.

lots of good games to choose from though. Ultimately when I go down the list RTT is the only one i feel is not flawed, it is simple and clean and knows what it is, one of the best sports games ever created, no surprise it's Rockstar.

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Well people have their priorities. 1 smoking. 12 baby.

smoking messes up peoples thinking. Most people that smoke often, it becomes their number one mission. having been around smokers of different ilk over the years and being a social smoker from time to time I see the huge pull it has. It is like any compulsive thing really, coffee, pot, video game purchasing/trading in. Let's be honest if you had to deal with that aweful child and had to be that wretch of a human being you would probably smoke a pack a day as well.

People smoking around their children has two great benefits though, a. it allows us to know exactly what class they are in, and b. judge them because clearly that is the only reason we would notice them doing it.

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Chelsea rode their luck, with Drogba playing both hero and villain with the ultimate way to leave a club.(sans premier league) if it is in the scope of the rules a way to play then just because it's not the style of barcelona doesn't make it an invalid tactic or 'bad for the game' that is how it goes. I feel that If Di Matteo is not offered the job full time next season it is a travesty, for such a turn around from a.v.b. really they lost too many points in the league for dimatteo to do better than 6th or maybe 5th. It amuses me that Tottenham now do not qaulify and will likely have to sell Bale and Modric, very unlikely to retain Adebayor.

having watched my team United lose to Barcelona in the final I questioned SAF's choice to play typical run and gun style and we were dispatched in the second half because we basically, were 1) outplayed 2) effectively playing with 10 men as hernandez was wasted. ultimately what I am saying is if you need to play in such a way that gives you the best chance you should do this. from Napoli 2nd leg on the tactics and a bit of luck have been what has seen them through. It's as much Di Matteo's Trophy as Drogba and Cech.

robben didn't refuse to step up, and neurer taking the penalty was not a 'joke'

prior to penalties coaches submit their first 5 kickers in order by name to the ref. Swheinsteiger and Drogba were both 5th. Also some keepers are good at penalties.

tactically subbing muller for vanbuyten with 5 or so plus stoppage was sound, chelsea didn't have much attacking verve all match and it allowed timyshook to move to kroos' spot his natural position btw, and kroos to muller's spot attacking mid. it made sense but they conceded a corner and got drogba'd from a good lampard corner. that can happen sometimes.

if you ask me ollic for ribery is what technically cost them. him and robben are the best pk takers on the squad but in any case that's splitting hairs. that is football. City scored 2 goals in extra time to win the league, 2 minutes away from repeating as champions and aguero hero modes it (qpr capitulates)


onto the Euros

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Not suprised how this played out, and frankly It put me off the game when i tuned into the stream to check out tekken characters and the game to see it full of these asshats, and the pig of a coach. Then I realized that these are the people that are gonna be playing at launch, and this is sponsored by Capcom.

All I can say, and I hope you hear this Capcom, I will not be buying this SFXT anytime soon. between this and your endless double dipping on revised versions I have nothing but an unpleasant taste in my mouth to go with my dusty TE.

It's the sad part of online games, it's all filled with rude pathetic grieffer jerks. It reminds me of the smelly losers that had no manners or gamesmanship playing magic the gathering at events. trying to rip you off in trades and bullshit the rules to new players.

For you guys to say that "the fighting game community is this way" or has to stay this way because it represents your own shallow uncreative(banter) and basically unsporting style of play and that you are everyone. YOUR NOT!

Explain to me why DAIGO doesn't need to smack talk. He smack talks with his skill, people need to do more of that, and be gracious winners when there is a gulf in play experience and skill. Too busy racking up hollow mistake filled wins, while insulting people and lagging the game with their chatter.

Look at Japan for their fighting games and the standards there where people have a bit(LOT) more class. (actually applies to magic as well) I have been playing fighting games since SNES and PSX, and it disgusts me that I have to ask myself why it's so hard to mute people online on the PS3.

The treatment of women is appalling and ultimately self defeating. We want women to enjoy the hobby, not push them away from it back to facebook games, ie. non core games.

There are skilled players at games that are SPORTING and have GAMESMANSHIP and CLASS. It is possible and preferrable to be respectful and let your skills do the talking. All you DBAGS need to GROW THE FRACK up and stop Ruining the Hobby. Also you can have banter and joke around without being a classless circus freak.

If you behave like this in a sports League you get tossed. At work you get fired. You talk to your GF like this you get dumped.