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Yes, I cancelled mine a handful of weeks ago, once it became apparent that the launch line-up wasn't anything to get overly excited about. It's pretty great knowing I've essentially clawed back £349 before christmas.

I'm going to be playing GTA for a long time to come, and Dark Souls II is just around the corner, so for a gamer who doesn't play that many games, but sinks an awful lot of time into the ones he does buy, I'm set for now.

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Yeah, like, I find it frustrating when, like, somebody says that, like, as often as he does, like. Verbal tics are, like, the worst thing, like, ever, and worthy of complaining about like it's affecting your quality of, like, life, like.

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No, not going by last night. I watched the Unprofessional Fridays around my friend's live last night (social Giant Bomb!), and my gosh... Captain Buzzkill thy name is Rorie. He was so deflating in that FMV segment. It's supposed to be a fun show, and his judgemental stance was very off-putting. And he clears his throat every five seconds. I found him irritating; I'd rather he didn't make anything more than occasional cameos if that's the type of behaviour he's prone to in a more casual setting.

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Wow, they totally Xboned this one up.

Did you hear that, Micro$oft? Xboned. Because Xbone!


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Yeah, I'm getting a new console.

A PlayStation 2.

I have a massive (20+) backlog of PS2 games I bought for my fat PS3, but it stopped working before I had a chance to play them. A PS2 is much cheaper, and there isn't anything that piques my interest at the PS4's launch, plus I have a Slim that'll do just fine in the meantime.

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@artisanbreads said:

Awesome work. My favorite detail is the weird beard ears on Vinnie and Ryan.

Glad somebody likes them! I got a lot of little complaints with people about that as if it was something I just overlooked, at this point I felt like I was taking a firm stance on beardears.

I, for one, wholeheartedly support Beardears. Beardears are the X to this animation's Y, if you know what I mean...

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@toxin066 said:

@yesiamaduck said:

I have run out of magazines to read, this waiting room sucks

Next you'll be escorted to an even smaller waiting room, one that doesn't even have magazines.



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@soupbones said:

Here's my entry - trying to capture that early morning feel with the color palette... and with the fact that Patrick looks so god damn tired.

Let me know if you need it high res!

Edit: updated the photo, just realized I had some layers turned off. >_<

I really like the idea of sculpting the bomb mascot into a morning sun/sunrise--I think reflections of the A.M. theme in the imagery itself will be warmly welcomed. The more I look at this submission, the more I can get behind its aesthetic.

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@Gnubberen, @jacetwice: Both cracking contributions, guys. That nostalgic rush is addictive, and time can start to pass by very quickly if you fall down that rabbit hole--don't get too sucked too far in!

@zlimness: Oh maaaaan the original GRID intro. I had forgotten all about that! That's the nostalgic roller-coaster ride I created this thread in search of. Codemasters (or whatever companies they choose to collaborate with) have a good track record with sound and video editing (The IndyCar Series intro I posted was made by them). That Blur one is all kinds of Wild West crazy.

@believer258: Gotta love the guy who decided Metallica should soundtrack that intro (at least, I think it's them?). I want to travel back in time and be a fly on the wall in that meeting.

@keris: I really like the serene, almost melancholic quality to those intros. I hadn't heard of the Kaido Battle series before now--I'm guessing it was a predominately JP-focused series? Reminds me of the original GT intro in some ways; lots of natural imagery and a gentle ebb and flow before the eventual RAWR noise overload.

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@subwayd: OH LORD KILL IT WITH FIRE WAIT IT'S THE DEVIL KILL IT WITH HAPPY WATER. Jiminy Cricket, what on earth am I watching. Remixed cars? Mental.

@winsord: GT5's intro is the very definition of epic, I agree. I'm pretty sure I managed to eat an entire bag of crisps whilst watching that play out the first time. Your description is wholly accurate, but it begs the question: how on earth do Polyphony intend to top that hilariously overinflated intro in GT6? One can only imagine...

@zlimness: I completely agree with you regarding PGR4. I second your notion that it is unsurpassed in terms of sheer arcade brilliance. I think the fact that, upon reading your feelings, I very briefly felt a surging desire to purchase another 360--years after my original broke--just to play through that game again says a lot regarding my appreciation of it. I wonder if it still looks as technically stunning today as it did when it was released? I imagine it largely does. I always drove the Noble M12 when I could, as my experience with that car in both 3 and 4 is unforgettable. I loved that thing. Bizarre left behind one hell of a footprint on the racing genre.

Oh boy, that Enthusia intro! Hah, what a micro-drama! The life story of a budding photographer: she rises to stardom and lives out her dream of excitedly snapping Mitsubishis from behind an armco to pounding Japanese techno, until, one day, disaster strikes.

Oh, and this is straight out of the standard-fare can, but what the hell. For sheer style, class and poise, who can argue with...

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