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Everyone in L.A. and around the convention center keep your eyes open for suspicious offloading of recording gear, I guess.

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Ut-mo. Colour me worried-o.

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"We are addressing some substantial non-technical issues that are preventing us from broadcasting. More details to come."

Gersty's twittah.

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Urm, no thanks.

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Remember this?

Those were the days of high-caliber premium content. I want wacky Jeff back! He's too busy being Professional these days.

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It will probably be a year or two at the very least before I consider buying in. I'm going to see how the 'next generation' develops, i.e. bide my time and watch how the consoles establish themselves both software and game-wise from afar. I got my PS3 on launch day (UK) last time around, but there is no way I'm repeating the same feat on this occasion. If neither takes my fancy, I'll stick with what I've got and mine the back-catalogue. I might even take a step backwards and pick up a PS2 at some point so that I can get back to playing Persona.

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Especially the pause when Jeff has his hand on Ryan's shoulder half way through. I burst out laughing. The animation totally makes that moment a million times more profound and hilarious, though it's absolutely brilliant from start to finish. And the way Ryan just looks cracks me up. Sublime squigglyness. MORE SQUIGGLYNESS.

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Seems like this best place to post this. I've got a 'you are not logged in' on the chat window right now. Had it for the Xbox unveiling, too. I'm definitely logged in & not running any add-ons in Chrome.

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Unoriginal, but they should've named it Xbox America, because this glorified bread-maker isn't going to sell anywhere else.

Practically half of that presentation concerned TV integration... which is only going to be available in the US at launch:

Plus the death knell of the paywall:

I might buy a PlayStation 4 at some stage (depending on whether or not the same disc restrictions apply) - I also might buy a PC, but one thing I can categorically state is that, as a European citizen, I will not be buying an Xbox One!

It's obviously not the console for me, as I grew tired of FPS's a few years ago, don't watch television (and when I do, I have catch-up services on my MacBook), and think the Kinect is unnecessary.