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@WolfHazard: I'm just really young, I am 18 right now. I got the PS3 at launch.

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@Ghost_Cat: I welcome this criticism, we have to start somewhere. I'm tired of thinking of content ideas and not producing it. But thanks this helps a lot, I'm determined to take note.

It is fun, but I've always been told when trying to get into this field that you need to write. Even if no one is listening you need to try. I am trying to get a resume with this blog. I want to be able to go into an interview and reference the best articles I have written. I am working on the actual site right now, but it probably won't be up till December. I don't have the time to design it right now, once the semester is done I'll really be able to dig in and finish it. So for now my main concern is producing articles and videos. I have another camera that we're going to use next time, and I have a couple of ideas that I'm excited to put into practice to be different. Goal number 2 is to be consistent. I hope one day I can win my favorite audience, that is the giantbomb community. Thanks for the criticism guys.

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Haha yah, I made it in 7th grade when I first got my ps3. I made this account in 2008 when it launched while I still had the name, a lot has changed since my freshman year in High School ...

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Why I play games

You’d be a fool to not ponder the purpose for life; question why you are living right now. The philosophers have given us explanations, offered criticism claiming we know nothing and we don’t exist. Scientist have given us induction and have created marvels of this world. Why do we marvel at them? What is it that pushes us each day. No I am not claiming that games is a reason to live, but there is something there. The promise of happiness or the experience of happiness leads to the enjoyment of life. There very well could be a grand purpose, but regardless of that purpose one wishes to be happy.

Happiness is an abstract concept, is it a feeling? An accomplishment? A state in life? It’s an idea, which can only come from an experience. Happiness is an experience shared with others.

I have never seen a platform that joins people as closely as video games. The sense of comradery that is created by playing a multiplayer game is simply indescribable to those who haven’t experienced it. Having a friend you can trust in a moba or RTS is a bond, the experiences that you share together could be talked about forever. Video games has brought me happiness, I have a group of friends that live in different parts of the world and we all are united through one medium. This is why I play games, it is simply logical proof of my happiness.

- Zach Morrissey

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Hey guys, my names Zach. I'm going to college right now and one day would like to run a website, I need some experience so I'm running this blog with my roommates. I promise at least 2 articles and 1 video a week. I'm doing mostly games, thoughts of the industry and reviews. Please check us out sometime. Subscribe on youtube and follow on tumblr. We'll try our best every week to deserve your views. Thanks you guys!

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It sucks because I haven't played my PS3 for a couple years now, mainly an xbox guy, but sony had my fucking credit card :/

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Some pretty tough bosses in WOW 

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@Underachiever007 said:
" @GlenTennis said:
Vinny and Jeff don't look that different. "
is that vinny's black shirt! lol
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I remember the screenedcast talking about the movie Pandorum before. I was planning on seeing this movie so I skipped that part where they talked about the movie. But now, having seen Pandorum, I'm interested to hear Rorrie's and Alex's opinions on the film, and it's ending. Do you guys know which episode of Behind the Screened door had this conversation?