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I don't understand the significance of any of this beyond online hobby discussion blown up into highly unnecessary real-world consequences for people working jobs who probably didn't deserve it. Sometimes I spend money to download a thing that I interact with and it makes me happy. Video games are a pretty cool entertainment medium, but have some issues that some people care about and others don't. It's irrational for the person who doesn't care to get mad at the person who does. There's no "agenda". Why can't it be this simple for everybody?

Forgive me if this seems insensitive, but honestly, is the effort really worth it for anyone arguing the point about ethical video game journalism practices? How much does "video games journalism" affect your day-to-day life? Do you really depend that much on reviews? I remember the Bombcast had a great discussion about games journalism a few years back IIRC, and it went to the tune of "If you don't trust us & our opinions, you probably shouldn't be reading anything we do." If everybody's worried about corruption, why don't you trust your own judgement and stop reading reviews altogether? Why is it so necessary to sling shit about it day after day? I don't see anything here that's worth beating a drum over and dragging it into a real-world context.

Everybody sucks.

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I'm still at less than 100 wins and would love to matchmake with some Giant Bomb noobies!

Steam ID: Skillface

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Using glitches to your advantage against AI I'm cool with, but a glitch to skip to the end doesn't really interest me.

Kinda agree with this sentiment. Still, hopefully Patrick finds some fun in this

It's just an "any%" run. There are also 100% categories that they will do from time to time which is still undeniably fast. "Any% glitched" is just one category in a whole slough of categories for any particular game and the times stay unique to those categories. SMB3 has Any% Warp, Any% Warpless, 100%, etc.

Keep in mind that all of the glitches he does in this video take extreme skill and practice. Getting them all done successfully in one run is very hard and as a result ends up being a world record.

But yes, there are All-Dungeon and 100% categories for people who are more into the planning/routing aspects of it.

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Is it just me or is the audio situation consistently terrible with these streams? Either everybody's too quiet or one specific person (the reader, usually)/the game audio is very loud in comparison to everyone else

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It reduces your max health by ~10% (I think) as if you had died. You probably didn't notice because you may have died at the same time, which would reduce it slightly further.

It can't be reduced past 50%.

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Very, very well done. Amazing.

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good lord i just remembered why i don't read comments on giant bomb

Remeber its Patrick who brings it up, not the community... if he stopped posting Anitas silly videos the discussion wouldn't turn this way

It's just blatant click/comment bait at this point, particularly since, even if you agree with Anita, she's not saying anything new or thought-provoking at this point.

How dare Patrick post something that people are interested in having a conversation about! What an ass!

Yeah you guys are reaaaally just proving the original quoted comment with these responses. It's not the discussion itself that is the problem, it's the amount of blatant misogyny and "FEMINAZI" idealism on this site and in its comment sections. It's apparent everywhere, and Patrick just takes the flak for it.

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This is intended as a angry yelly Internet comment.

That said, the problem I have with Patrick is that I came here for a article about Fez 2, but this is just an article about Patrick.

I typically avoid Patricks articles but the few I have read all seem to devolve at some point to shameless self-promotion of his sterling moral character.

I suppose I need to send Patrick a email or Tumblr to ask why he thinks it necessary to include a gallery of fan images of himself in a completely unrelataed story about indie developers.

Did you READ the article? He was promoting the Giant Bomb community's character, not himself. He was relating his own experiences with trolls on the internet to Phil Fish's. Don't let me stop you from reaching though, man.