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troll troll troll.

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lol.. dude i like it :P

ok i cringe at some points but mostly i find it amusing >

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for me nothing beats 2004 in fact gaming has been amazing since this date in 2004/05 there was  
mirrors edge  
(and all that followed it) css and team fortress 2 bring a new era of first person shooter)
doom 3  
WORLD OF WAR CRAFT bringing in a new era of mmo  
 far cry 
grand theft auto San Andreas  
sims 2 
ninja gaiden  
HL2 started everything for me (ie hardcore gaming) as did oblivion and all the others that followed, quake 4, prey, darkness,  
cant wait for next year  
god noes what im going to play first  
in fact i think i have a huge back log 
i still need to play uncharted 2, GOW3, i need to finish mass effect 2 dragon age awakenings fallout 4 ect i always presumed i could catch up :)  not now ! 
def gona b a great year for gaming ! 

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I am playing fallout new Vegas at the moment i currently have over 50 hours of play and i am pretty convinced this will double if not treble, I also have recently done over 150 hours on dragon age. and last night i bought droplets and played 2 hours of it. 
casual games are ace i love them , i adore lummines, everyday shooter and braid world of goo, plants vs zombies, flow i could go on and these are just the games i play, and yes they appeal to a wider audience i know people who have played flow and never played a game before except maybe pong. i think its great many more people understand the appeal of games. the gaming industry has become huge over the last 20 years and its getting bigger.access to this type of gaming is becoming widespread and with the type of games coming out on a phone like ilomilo its just going to be spread even further isn't it? 
The casual gaming industry has also taken on a new persona with the likes of pop cap games and that adventure company, and of course telltale games being very serious gaming company's and making allot of money. 
casual games can also have a long lasting appeal especially with all the achievement's and upgrades that are implemented in allot of these "casual" games.  
farmville included has this appeal as does many facebook games. once again another reason why everyone one is gona be playing games these days. and whats to hate about that.  
maybe ive missed the point but i don't get why people have a divide games are games. 
i re-con u start on casual games and work your way up :) 

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infamous will b my next purchase :D 
looks a great game... 

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@Spoonman671:  750w would do most ppl the 1000w r huge so be wary the 750w i beilieve r normal size 
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also power supplies deplete in efficiency over the years so its always advisable upgrading so often, there is software programs online that can tell you how effective your psu is but id just advice upgrading if this is playing on your mind.  
350w is not very much u def want to upgrade that anyway all the time u want to put anything extra in your pc ur gona be using alot of power . i.e i should imagine your at your limits anyways id def upgrade at least to a 500 

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lol sounds ace ! 

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@Spoonman671 said:
" Safe bet: "
spot on