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go for popcap games there ace, 
and web browsing games r getting good 
u dont even need much to run some stuff these days  
java wins 
popcap, plants vs zombies ect 

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ye really sad news I loved different strokes and it was ace to see him in postal 2 my missus didn't know who he was too >< 
such a shame R.I.P 

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Ive been folowing Ryan and Jeff like a stalker for years, and I almost killed myself over the Kane and Lynch fiasco (I watched it on the,.... unnamed show when if first came out)  
I think this site is great and have watched pretty much every video going including all the persona.s and most of deadly premonition 
I didn't know much about Vinny as I think he already left by the time i watched said show on regular basis. 
i think this site is great and i hope it lives fowever !! 

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he being a she :P 

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and on a side note i might have popped in for an hour or so but bugger staying there all weekend it sounds a bit like dusk til dawn . 

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lol i think the dj is a women u sexist just presuming its a bloke :P  

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ye steam works.. ive pre ordered just cause 2 that demo was ace.. . ive bought plenty of games this year including mass effect 2 and bioshock 2 and dragon age all because  a demo was available i think once i searched the internet for a demo for majesty 2 only to find a rapid share full game . this has happens allot and it is kinda of frustrating when all you want to do is try a game what your really interested in .and to be confronted with this can be very tempting so for those people who aren't even aware of such things its become obvious what the easier thing to do is.  
i personally also love my special editions (rad tin stalker and bioshock) so steam doesn't always work in this respect. but i am noticing the retail outlets of pc games are getting allot smaller even the second hand shops have almost either gone or have stooped trading as many pc games. game have less than a maybe 1 foot.

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beta keys?? access to exclusives .. the quick looks are great and the fact that some of these have been exclusives is great, but to want a monthly or even weekly subscription would mean the site would have to offer something that no one else does.which it does in a way..  if it meant the site would stop then i prob would subscribe for giant bomb is ace and i am sure allot visit all most everyday.. (but to commercialise is all things that take money in first place and allot of backing ect... i like giant bomb. id hate it to turn into those commercial sites I sometimes visit but then donations ect cant keep you going for free i guess.  there are alot of sites offering free content as well (altho advertising is prob the way they survive)  
its great that giant bomb is the way it is . 

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cannnettt frigin wait !!! simples... 

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cor blimey !!