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@dcpc10 said:
" @AgentJ said:
" This just seems wrong. A world without Michael Jackson is like basketball without Michael Jordan. It's hard to believe "
Yeah, it just doesn't seem right. "
agreed.. gona be a very differnet  world without the likes of micheal jackson.
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R.I.P micheal, you will be greatly missed and your music will always be remebered .

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i still wish they coverd more pc..

altho i enjoy watchign anything game related i would be more happier if there were more pc coverage.

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lol that is really bad..

the hair^^

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@Luke said:
" Some Atari 2600 game... like Pitfall or E.T. or something.  I remember the joysticks and console more than the actual games being played :p "
thats the one :P pitfall..
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@expletive said:
" just watch some of the old gamespot reviews on here

I mean I think we can all agree that  Ryan, Vinny, Jeff and Brad are some of the funniest and most interesting to watch review games.

but man, they used to be so boring Brad was super monotone, and Jeff  just looked depressed.

what do you think happened, why are they so awesome now? is it just from experience, or did they realize one day "hey, I can be animated, interesting and funny in a game review!" ? 
coming from where they came .. and it being all so "serious" ,  scared of being sued amoungst other things..

this is the way i see it anyway i think its great what they have managed to acomplish here and i would want the reviews of game no other way than honest.. and some sites really have to be careful or if not there on the payroll..

i think they just learned to relax.. not answering to anywar par say etc..
this is why i love giantbomb so much..
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most vivid memory was prob playing that wierd jungle game on the atari..

but my fav games where when i got my amstrad.

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can i bring my banjo..
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sim city socities, black and white 2,

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@KaosAngel said:
" yes, so i could mate witht he nativeswhat planet would you want to live on? "