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@ajamafalous: Ty, if people make an opinion without seeing this then they are just missing the boat.
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How about you take a spectrum that goes from Street Fighter 2 to Mario Party.
 I'd put Melee right on top of SF2 and brawl on top of Mario Party. Melee is endlessly complex at the highest level. Brawl is much much less so. I wouldnt say "smash" in general is not  a fighter genre. Just the last title the producer SPECIFICALLY took out what made the genre so good at being a fighter. While I could link any tournament in the last 5 years as evidence, I will only link this:
It takes only 10 seconds of that video and this argument is over. I party game (brawl) doesnt let you chain that

Also, 12:18 should blow your mind. unreal

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I loved GTA starting with 3. VC and SA were a lot of fun and you could spend hours doing basically nothing but rampaging and running from the cops. I had never looked more forward to a game more than GTA4 and as such have never been more disappointed. Poor controls and unfun driving destroyed the game for me and a quit after a few hours. The CORE of GTA games was ruined. I hope they fix that or I might never play another GTA.

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You dudes are the shit.

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@ldeadeyesl:  The story is intelligent until L dies. Then it is the worst thing I have EVER seen. It was such amazing shit and then SOOOO BAAAD. I wish L died and that was the end.
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The intentionally misspelled Natinals.

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I have never blogged before and will probably never blog again. So, we have Donavon Mcnabb. I guess we are now 3rd in the east? Sorry Eagles fans but as the great D. Sanders just said, "This is the stupidest thing i've ever heard." Got that right. While I won't say that my Redskins are going to the Superbowl, (we totally F'in could with an O-line) I will say that we are one huge building block down and a few more to go: None are as big as this one. Of all professional sports, the NFL has one of the shortest periods of turnover from lousy seasons to great ones. I think we just shortened our turnover.