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#1 Posted by SkipperSonne (70 posts) -

You guys for some reason made me worried that Alien won't work on PC. The constant crashing or Colonial Marines brought that on first.

#2 Posted by SkipperSonne (70 posts) -

Could have been worse, they could have sold to facebook!

Somehow, I think the backlash would have been even worse, there.

#3 Posted by SkipperSonne (70 posts) -

@onarum said:

How exactly can a weaker console make the experience better?

I didn't know Minecraft needed bleeding edge technology to run. I thought it ran on phones...

#4 Posted by SkipperSonne (70 posts) -

"A $2.5 billion deal for Mojang, or about 8 times sales last year, is small change for Microsoft, which has $86 billion in cash and short-term investments. But it is relatively large and expensive for game company acquisitions.:

From Reuters. This is what interests me the most, is what could be next if this is the path that's being followed moving forward.

#5 Posted by SkipperSonne (70 posts) -

Would it be too crazy to ask that people wait to see what happens before they say MSFT ruined the franchise?

No? Ok...

#6 Posted by SkipperSonne (70 posts) -

@pocky4th3win said:

@chortleofearl said:

just like the local news networks now ay. i guess it is cbs...

also, fuck apple, they don't need free advertisements :/

What can you expect? Patrick is kinda an Apple fanboy after all.

Just stop this... seriously. The apple fanboy bashing and the Patrick bashing. It's not necessary, put out something positive in the world instead of hate.

In case you haven't noticed, all Giantbomb staff (editorial staff) uses macbooks airs as their main work platform. Almost all of them also have iPhones. But almost all of them also own a PC. They just don't care what other uses, because they are mature enough to know that it doesn't affect them at all. So why can't you do the same?

The only exception to that rule is Matt Rorie, he's kinda famous for hating on Apple. We forgive him because he likes puppies.

I never saw/heard Rorie on this, but I would love to.

#7 Posted by SkipperSonne (70 posts) -

You know, I was playing on PS3 the other day and thought- "bet you this will come to next gen, I won't but any DLC"

And here we are.

#8 Posted by SkipperSonne (70 posts) -

I posted the same idea on FB a while ago. Silent Hills and Until Dawn are intriguing, and all the others mentioned. It's exciting (scary) times.

In the meantime, PC is still holding it down and will continue to. Really looking forward to Routine...

#9 Posted by SkipperSonne (70 posts) -

Newbie question here- why do some cards out of my lineup show as In Use when I want to combine them. If it's a matter of needing a certain amount minimum, how can I change which ones to free to feed to my lineup?

#10 Posted by SkipperSonne (70 posts) -

Last night I had a dream where Seth Rollins had a hot mic on and was complaining about the low turnout at RAW.

Maybe I need to lay off the WWE Network late at night.

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