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The second game had some pretty serious balance issues that weren't present in the first game (some of which were corrected in the Sigma version). I worry that without some of the core team ninja guys, this may face a similar fate.

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My experience with K2 while playing Knight Online quite a bit about 5 years ago was that they failed to moderate their game well and then punished legitimate players for the cheating (item duplication) of others. The duping effectively ruined the in game market, demanding that anything of value be purchased with USD through paypal from other players. K2's mismanagement was the biggest factor in driving me away from playing knight online, which had a pretty impressive PvP system.
I would strongly recommend some research into their customer service today before giving them $.01.

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Fucking Rogue Warrior wasn't even a goddamn runner up for worst game.

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Still a bizarre way to release a demo.

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Here's hoping.

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Set lasers to free.

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@flamingbananas: But godhand was awesome
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I watched a friend literally bang his head against his desk playing a game once, didn't look real comfortable.

I have broken a controller, but it wasn't from rage. I was playing halo 3 and I had been drinking, resulting in me dropping the controller multiple times. The left bumper button stopped being responsive.

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Usually the "exclusivity" or whatever that junk is wouldn't bother me, but since the xbox is broken, its a minor annoyance. I'm not going to get too worked up over waiting for a demo though.

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The neopets puzzle adventure game was pretty uninspired. I hope that Galactrix clicks better with me.

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