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Just finished it.

What a strange, grim, beautiful and potent little game that was.

I'm so glad GBEAST quick-looked this or I never would have purchased it. It made me feel like I got kicked in the chest at the end, and the last game to accomplish that was Journey. Also like journey, this game really does have a killer soundtrack.


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If any of you younger miners want some ore refined in Mani I'll do it free of charge, 0% waste and 3.5% corp tax.

Just contact Thaddius T'vain

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I just re-subscribed after listening to @snide on this week's Bombcast. While he discussed starting a GB corp in a month or so, I just came back to a now long-dead corp and am looking for some duders to play with in the meantime. I'm a miner and hauler capable of piloting a Hulk (Tech 2 Mining Barge) and an Orca (big hauler).

Yeah can't wait for the GB corp to start up. I'm still learning the game, been playing for about half a year now but still feel like i'm just scratching the surface. Rolling around in my own 1man corp atm because trust is a scarce commodity in EvE.

I've can pilot a basic mining barge, and roll around in some battleships and whatnot.

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I use crafting a lot, mostly to make glyphs. Almost all items you get can have the glyph they come with overridden by your own. It really helps to give you a ton of control over your stats. Also, selling most items gives a very small amount of money, so you my as well craft stuff.

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