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If you use a referral code for example this, it makes your account entitled to one free character transfer to any server. So if you're coming back and the server you're on is dead, this is a good way to join one of the higher population servers. It also adds 7 days of free game time to your account and some other dump stuff gets mailed to you like a inventory-expander and whatnot.

From what I've seen on the server select screen, in the US anyway the Role-playing server Ebon Hawk is actually the highest pop, which I found surprising.

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Just finished it.

What a strange, grim, beautiful and potent little game that was.

I'm so glad GBEAST quick-looked this or I never would have purchased it. It made me feel like I got kicked in the chest at the end, and the last game to accomplish that was Journey. Also like journey, this game really does have a killer soundtrack.


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If any of you younger miners want some ore refined in Mani I'll do it free of charge, 0% waste and 3.5% corp tax.

Just contact Thaddius T'vain

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I just re-subscribed after listening to @snide on this week's Bombcast. While he discussed starting a GB corp in a month or so, I just came back to a now long-dead corp and am looking for some duders to play with in the meantime. I'm a miner and hauler capable of piloting a Hulk (Tech 2 Mining Barge) and an Orca (big hauler).

Yeah can't wait for the GB corp to start up. I'm still learning the game, been playing for about half a year now but still feel like i'm just scratching the surface. Rolling around in my own 1man corp atm because trust is a scarce commodity in EvE.

I've can pilot a basic mining barge, and roll around in some battleships and whatnot.

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I use crafting a lot, mostly to make glyphs. Almost all items you get can have the glyph they come with overridden by your own. It really helps to give you a ton of control over your stats. Also, selling most items gives a very small amount of money, so you my as well craft stuff.

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