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@thehbk said:Should have got an Xbox One. Honestly I think the transition is easier. Or if you are looking for something really different, the Wii U is the way to go.

Eh it seems like all the Xbox One exclusives are winding up on the PC eventually anyway. Plus I prefer the PS4 controller which I had been using for a few months as my PC controller of choice. As for the WiiU, I have not owned a Nintnedo console since the N64. I have basically no interest in their first party games, and everyone else stopped making games for Nintendo consoles.

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yeah I plan to grab PT and silent hills whenever that comes out

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@dussck: my bundle comes with 30 days of PS+. How much is that and is it worth subbing to. I played the first infamous because I think I got it for free the first time PSN got hacked but I never beat it, does the story of it and the 2ed factor into second son much.

All the metal gear going around has made me want to play the new one when it comes out, but the last one I played was MGS:2 way back in the day.

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So, let me state that by and large I play games on my pc. I own a 360 with a fair number of games and a PS3 with like uncharted 1&2, heavy rain, God of war collection and God of war 3 and valkeria chronicles.

Anyway I just ordered a Ps4, and I'm looking for some PS4/ console exclusives. I got destiny even though I hate playing fps games with a controller because It came with a bundle and I wanted to see if I can get over my console fps aversion. I use a controller for action games on the pc (stuff like shadow of mordor, or gta 4) so no issues there. I never played last of us so I want to get that, but other then those 2 what console exclusives are worth getting?

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Ebon Hawk is thankfully still very well populated, and has a large number of RP guilds.

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USS is "Unidentified Signal Source" you see them when flying around in super cruise. They are basically little random events, and often they will have things related to any missions you are on.

@syndrom said:

@dave_tacitus said:

@syndrom: Hit every USS that appears on your scanner. They're random encounters so you might not find some traders immediately but keep plugging away.

I spent an hour last night searching for a named pirate with no success. Will try again today (it means a promotion once I bring in his bounty) as the mission time was 48 hours.

USS is just a ship with a USS tag? I feel stupid for even asking this but hey :p

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Not sure why, but the game runs like absolute garbage for me. I've got 6 gigs of ram, a quad core cpu and a Geforce 670 and even on low or medium I am lucky if i can push past 20fps.

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I noticed on the page for it that the characters in the screenshots were named things such as Gerstmann, Caravella and Shoemaker. You can see it here.

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@burningstickman said:

@skithus: What do you get if multiple people use your code? Another copy of the pet? If so, I'll try to use someone who hasn't gotten their goodies yet (post links if you got em GBers)

Unless you can use multiple copies of the pet in the new decoration system. An army of Metal Gears!

They actually have 4 different (albeit texture swapped) pets.

i'm working towards the last one now. Neon 80's Metal Gear!

Also you can absolutely use multiple copies of the same item/pet/crew member in the houseing system, however since they mail one of these pets to each of my characters, I potentially could have 12 in my house per server if I wanted...

In case anyone else is into pet collecting in SWTOR here is a great link for it.

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