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Also worth noting, they've reduced the cool-down on quick travel to 6 minutes, and you automatically receive all flight-points in an area now. So getting to and from class missions is even easier. Also unlike previous 12x events, they've gone and increased commendation rewards from quests so that you are actually able to stay geared appropriately for your level as you progress through the game.

The Item OP mentioned is sadly sold on the fleet, I wish they would just mail you it, or make an interface toggle so that you had access to it from level 1.

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I started as a rogue but rerolled as a Paladin. My rogue was getting wrecked in melee so I wanted something more durable, even dps specked with a two handed sword my paladin can still take some hits, and he's got some great support like group wide accuracy increase, and every time he kills something it heals everyone around him, which is useful.

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So there are Sneak Attacks which you do if the target is flanked/blinded/prone ect ect, or if you're coming out of stealth.

Backstab is a talent, that requires you attack from stealth, you can use a melee or ranged weapon however you must be within 4 meters of your target when you do it. It deals a great deal more damage then a regular Sneak Attack. I can often One-Shot some creatures with it attacking with my Estoc, but then all their buddies turn and bend me over.

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So, I'm playing a rogue, and I took the backstab talent. However since the moment anyone in my group breaks stealth they all do, My choices seem to be either open up with my rogue from melee (Which seems to result in nearly instant death for him) Or pull with / to my tank, thereby blowing the chance at the backstab damage. I regret taking this talent, anyone else have any experience with it?

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Anyone else back this on Kickstarter?

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My Qunari Warrior

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I saw it with my wife, I hated it, she loved it.

I guess how I would describe it, is if an author spent a great deal of time writing an elaborate sci-fi universe. And then someone else read it, and wrote a mary-sue fan-fiction set within that universe, and then that fan-fiction became a major motion picture.

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Hmm, I was a big fan of 2e, hated 3e, not a fan of pathfinder, massively unbalanced. Guess i'll just be sticking with 4e with my group. And Numenera

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Has anyone messed arround with 5e a lot? I've a staunch supporter of 4e, I liked kinda tactical game they turned combat into, and non-combat storytelling is kinda mechanics indifferent anyway.

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@substance_d said:

You might want to read this book. Dan seems to have a growth mindset, whereas you may lean more toward a fixed mindset. (People with a growth mindset enjoy challenges because they know overcoming those challenges will help then learn and improve their skills. People with a fixed mindset are afraid of failure, so they avoid challenges because they do want to risk the chance of failure.)

The problem, and I don't think reading a book is going to help this but maybe i'm just making excuses but I believe, and I don't know since I can only speak for myself, but I believe that a normal person is afraid of something and you can explain to them why that's a silly thing to be afraid of, and they get over it. Where as someone with anxiety usually KNOWS that 80-90% of the bullshit that they're afraid of is just that, bullshit, but it doesn't stop my body from reacting like I just drank poison or something.

Over time I've learned to often notice depression is something that I can start to fall into a downward spiral, but notice myself doing it, and recognizing that I'm doing it usually lets me cut it off before it gets super bad (The above, my batteries dies, i should kill myself is a great example of what happens if I don't catch myself, and I can go from one to the other in about 5 minutes)

I haven't had any success with anxiety, its especially bad in cases where failure is an option and there is something riding on it (for example, a job interview) but there are really dumb things like for example I have a very open line of communication with my wife, I trust her implicitly and can tell her anything, she is maybe the only person in my life I can communicate freely with, I still get shakes if I have to speak to her over a phone. The shakes are SUBSTANTIALLY less severe then what occurs if I have to speak with someone else, but they still exist when there is no logical reason for them to.

I don't know if stuff like that is just the anxiety itself, or if I've just been so conditioned to the like, psychosomatic effects of it over time that even when the anxiety isn't triggered, my body is just provoking some Pavlovian response to speaking on a phone, and that response is mild terror.

Regarding Dan's approach, he has said things like how he had a fear of heights, so he went and jumped out of a plane a few times, which is maybe a really extreme approach, but I understand the concept.

I'm also afraid of heights, I hate flying on planes. I HAVE flown on planes, just like I HAVE called people, HAVE gone to job interviews and HAVE spoken to strangers. Try going through life without speaking to strangers, even as someone who spent over a year of their life locked away in their house, its basically impossible. You have to do it constantly. And for whatever reason, maybe my Anxiety is more "severe" maybe my brain is just wired differently whatever the case, no matter how many times I do these things, it doesn't seem to make them any easier to face the following time, my mind still reacts the same way, and since apparently somewhere in my body someone wired its controls to listen to my subconscious over my lucid thought, each time i still experience physical effects.

What always seems to bother my Dr's is I guess I am displaying signs that are classically associated with people who have been the victims of abuse. I have been asked over and over if I've been abused, am I sure? am I super sure? I had what I felt was a fairly normal upbringing, at least it seemed similar to my child-hood friends. They all ended up as close to normal as most people do I guess.

I wonder if maybe the medicine has reduced my anxiety, but after like 15 years of this my body just reacts like a victim of abuse, only my mind is the abuser.