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Super late to the party, but like a few others I just got this courtesy of the Sim City debacle.

Add me for some autolog competition? My Origin ID is "skoolthar".

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I'll be playing a heap tonight! I'd love an invite to a region so I can get to work.

Origin : Fogberto

Server : Currently EU1 but I'd like to get onto Oceanic tonight, or whatever they're calling it.

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With the game just about to be released in Australia/other regions, does anyone want to organise an AusBomb region?

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Just checking in! Glad to see there's an F1 thread this year, hopefully it stays active throughout the season.

I'll be at the Australian Grand Prix for the second year in a row this year. Can't wait!

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First thing that struck me about it was that the music is either from Gladiator, or at least by the same person who did a lot of the music for Gladiator. I know that movie is 12 years old, but the music is still fresh in my mind. They should have been more original, though at least they didn't use this.When I saw that Russel Crowe is in it as Jor-El I nearly lost my shit.

Apart from that nitpicking, which will have no bearing on how I receive the film, it looks pretty sick.

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I might try this with both. Keyboard and mouse seems more appropriate, but damn if I don't like sitting on my couch playing PC games with a controller.

I might mix it up depending on how serious I'm playing. Laying back on my couch with a controller for the casual game, hunched over a screen with a keyboard and mouse for the Ironman play through.

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God damn this is a good game. I've sunk a fair few hours into it already. It's fun coming up with new ship names and names for your crew. It's sad when one of your favorite crew members gets killed. For example, when I was watching the Big Live Live Show, Live! I created some Giant Bomb members as my crew. Vinny got eaten by spiders :(

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A while ago, an old housemate hired this out for him and his girlfriend to watch. I thought it sounded awful, but I got bored at one point and decided to watch it. I loved everything about it, except for Claire Danes because she is utterly talentless. I think this might have been the first time I really became aware of Mark Strong too, and he's since become one of my favorite actors. There's a montage scene in that film that has this music playing over it, which I find to be particularly epic :

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My most recent experience with poor loading times came from playing Spec Ops : The Line on PS3, which was a damn shame. That game is frustrating enough without having to wait forever for it to reload if you happen to die. It's also a shame because it discourages you from doing ridiculous charges at the enemy that have a 1% chance of succeeding - which is how I play most shooters, most of the time.

Morrowind on the original Xbox was woeful too.

It's a bit of a shame Mark of the Ninja is a bit slow to load as well, but that's a fantastic game, and it only has to load the level once, so it's ok.

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Well, I live in Tasmania, Australia and I'm absolutely going. I don't see why any gamer wouldn't make the pilgrimage to whatever city it's in. This is a huge opportunity.

I think I'm more excited to go for everything that surrounds the games, rather than than the games themselves. I'll probably check out the PAX 10 and other indy games, but spend most of my time meeting people and drinking.

Oh, and yeah it will totally be in Melbourne or Brisbane OR they'll open a Mana Bar in Sydney and have a joint launch + PAX afterparty there. PAX Australia is being managed by that massive derp Yug, who is a co-creator of Manabar, so I'm sure he'll arrange for it to happen. Not that it's just him being self-serving. There's a strong case for any of the major east coast cities to host it, so why not have it somewhere where you own a perfect place to host an afterparty?