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You want a punch in the eye Guy?

In seriousness though, it's really sad news. If anyone hasn't seen Slammin' Salmon, you should really check it out. It's by Broken Lizard, the guys that did Super Troopers and Beerfest (my two favorite movies of theirs). I wouldn't put it on the same level as those two films, but close to it. All the best lines come from Michael Clarke Duncan, imo, and you can tell he's having heaps of fun with the character.

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Most of the time it's just on my wrists, and then touch those to the sides of my neck. Sometimes I'll spray once on my shirt or inside the lapel of my jacket, but not often.

Always wear cologne. It's like, zero effort, and girls like it.

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A friend of mine who is studying Nursing and Midwifery was stressing out over life recently. I suggested she was having a midwife crisis. So you tell me.

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@skittles: It looks like some type of puke.

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Added myself to good ol' Tasmania, Australia.

Am I the only one who took a smarmy photo for the occasion?

Not anymore! Also go to mine and make sure you have audio on. Yakima,WA.

Bravo, sir.

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Oh man, I don't recall who was doing the voice-work, but I grabbed an audiobook of Shadow Over Innsmouth by H.P Lovecraft, and it was fantastic. I was hoping the guy that did it would have done a bunch of other books as well, but it wasn't to be :(

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Added myself to good ol' Tasmania, Australia.

Am I the only one who took a smarmy photo for the occasion?

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Hey duders. I'm currently working on an assignment (or not, as the case may be) and I constantly find myself procrastinating, usually by watching Giant Bomb videos. I've watched all the Olympic videos, some quick looks, flight club videos and Jeff's Jar vids so far. Some work has been done while watching, but not a lot.

If anyone cares, the assignment is a comparative essay , comparing two Westerns made at least 20 years apart. I've chosen The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, as well as The Good, The Bad, The weird as my two films. The latter is a pretty sweet homage to the former, made by South Korean director Kim Ji-woon. You may be familiar with A Bittersweet Life, which was also directed by him.

The really crap thing about this assignment is that I don't really have to do it. I'm doing this university course out of interest, not because I need to get a job or anything like that. I have a full time job already, so I could just cut and run from this unit, and not really be any worse off. I don't like to be a quitter though :P So I'll press on.

Anyway, are there any other bombers out there avoiding or struggling with homework or professional work?

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I started a fight club at my high school. It lasted maybe a week, until me and another guy almost broke our hands because we both went to punch each other at the same time and our fists collided. Ouch.

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I think I've been subscribed to their dutch offspring way back when that was a thing. Or it could have been another official mag, but it was alright. I had every issue as well, then my previous cat decided to take a piss on it. Lovely creature.

I know that feel, bro.

Same thing happened with my collection of N64 Gamer magazines. I think that was an Australian publication.

I kept the collection...

Also I feel super weird about calling you bro just now.

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Farcry 2 comes to mind. I found nothing to enjoy about that game. I think when I picked it up, I'd just purchased Dead Space as well. I played through that over the course of a couple of days, and absolutely loved it. I played Farcry 2 for maybe a couple of hours, and I found enough to dislike about that game that I never went back. I'm sure I've bought and played worse games, but that one springs to mind.

Also when Pokemon Snap came out, my parents bought me in for Christmas. I still remember being pretty disappointed when I opened the present. This wasn't the game I wanted. Sure I liked Pokemon, but I liked collecting and battling them, not rolling around on rails and taking photos of them. I also sat down with it that afternoon and played for a couple of hours, and thought I'd finished the game because I got the gameover screen. I recall being pretty pissed that I was done with my Christmas present before Christmas was even over.

In hindsight, I'm really thankful that my parents gave me it. If it hadn't been forced on me, I probably wouldn't have played it at all, and I wouldn't understand any of the references to it. I think it's one of those games that will keep coming up as being significant in the history of gaming, for better or worse. Kinda like Superman 64, which I also had the good fortune to have played.