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I don't know what to go as. I really want to make a go of it, since I don't go to a lot of big parties throughout the year, and I haven't ever made a special effort for a costume party before.

Here's the brief.

**Historic Dress Code** Come dressed as a famous person, place, moment or thing from history.

So it would need to be something recognisable. If I were to host a costume party, it would be an "obscure reference" costume party, where you would have to explain the costume before someone gets it. This is not that party.

Bonus points for the costume necessitating that I grow facial hair. I kinda feel like growing a short beard as it is. Also bonus points if the person has an awesome hair-do that I could totally have a stylist do for me before the party. I'd rather do that than wear a cheap wig to be honest.

Oh, bonus points again if it involves wearing like... a waistcoat and a tophat, or something regal like that.

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Watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid just then. Fantastic movie. Robert Redford remains one of my favorite actors.

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@rockyhorrorgerri: Done! And thanks ^_^

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@rockyhorrorgerri: It's a new do. Should I keep it? :P

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I haven't become addicted to anything, but there are various things I've bought, or words that I say that can be traced back here for sure.

I'm the proud owner of a zojirushi coffee flask, which I don't use much anymore, but have certainly used enough for it to qualify as a good purchase. I also bought the book "A World Lit Only By Fire", which Drew mentioned in the first Dwarf Fortress video I believe.

I sometimes say "duder" in conversation, but that's usually around a friend who also follows Giant Bomb. Sometimes just around whoever else I feel like calling duder.

The main turn of phrase that I have picked up from GB is referring to standard versions of objects as "regular-ass". I do it so often that I don't even think about it.

My next goal is to legitimately tell someone to "get bent".

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I'm going insane trying to identify it now :(

I just tweeted Ryan because I want to knoooow.

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Year of the Bow!

Woke my ass up at 6:30am to watch the race. I don't really care for any other events in the Olympics, but finding out who the fastest man in the world is over 100m holds a unique appeal.

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I LOVE me some Army of Two. The first game was pretty woeful but there was a lot to be entertained by. Such as the awful broings-out between Salem and Rios, and pimping out your guns.

I thought the second game was a vast improvement. The bro-downs weren't as good, simply because they were more competently delivered by decent voice actors. The pimping wasn't as good either actually, but the gameplay was much better. The player choice moments really made that game for me though. You'd try doing the right thing, only to be tricked by the game for doing so.

Anyway, I'm totally down for more Army of Two. The only appropriate thing to do now is announce a new Kane & Lynch game. Those series are brothers in my eyes.

Speaking of brothers, what the hell is with no Salem and Rios in this new game? Unforgivable. Also "Tactical World Operations"? It's Trans World Operations, unless they reconned that, which is upsetting for no good reason.

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There was a time when I got up early and went to the gym before work, but that was when I was going to the gym with my brother, and he preferred to go in the mornings instead of afternoons.

These days I go to the gym after work with a friend who works nearby. I do still remember how good it felt going to the gym first thing in the morning though. Everything is much better. You get up at a regular time each morning which is good. Running/lifting wakes you up a whole lot more than just having a shower as well. Speaking of the shower, it's actually a much nicer shower after having a workout! I don't know what it is about it, but it's a much more pleasant experience. Oh, and it stimulates your appetite as well, so you actually have a decent breakfast. I don't know about anyone else, but I tend to have to force myself to eat in the mornings if I haven't exercised. Like I'm doing right now.