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Holy shit, Crispy is IceFrog!

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You were one of the few people who made the internet a better place.

I am going to miss you Ryan Davis, RIP.

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I see grids. I am now excited.

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Rocksteady is going to shit bricks when they see their design doc leaked for the next Batman game.

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Going to miss you Scoops.

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Jeff got bodied.

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Im in the same boat. I just graduated with a BA and History and plan to teach High School in California.

With all the shitty teachers out there, you would think it would be easy to get credentials...

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Cable, Cyclops, Psylocke, Sagat, Dictator.

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At least is funny. This is just fucked.

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@Aelric said:

Don't forget to grab an after-market heat sink for your CPU. The fan it comes with are almost always garbage.

This piece of information is absolutely vital.