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@chinaski: Yes, rerolling until you get that combo a lot of the time

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The wedding ring bit is the part that broke me. Thank you for writing this Patrick.

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Louisville, KY, USA

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Thought I might drop this issue here, but it's a bit annoying that the playlist thing keeps popping up when I fullscreen a video. I have a tendency to just move my cursor off to the right so the playlist button remains on the screen because I assume it takes it as I'm hovering over the video. If I move it to the bottom it goes away for some weird amount of time, 30 seconds to a minute, and then pops back up. I can then move the cursor off and then back down again to make it go away, but it's not great.

Edit: Can't for the life of me even queue a video. Just nothing happens. Every time I try to filter a new thing it also seems to take up to a minute to show what I wanted.

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$88.9 Million

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Since you got better and fixed a few problems the only thing I could suggest is for doofs that are firing guns/rockets at you, ninja run at them, hit Y, and usually that will cause them to toss up for an easy, instant zandatsu. Also the dodge makes you invincible for so long that you can just dodge most unblockables. I found two dodges usually led to me dodging the entire unblockable from things like Mastiffs. Sometimes they'd freak out and grab me still but not usually.

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@egg: Platinum Games usually don't just throw in a bunch of dumb combos for no reason. They usually all have a purpose and use for particular enemies or what have you. I'm pulling this off the top of my head but X pause X being a launcher and then you have another launcher which would be useful to get in more hits and launch off a combo. Or you have multiple stingers for you to get in close to the enemy quickly based off different situations. You know they've thought it through when they even have an achievement for getting all S ranks on the hardest difficulty which requires you being an expert and utilizing every combo for each encounter correctly or semi cheezing it by just taking no damage for an encounter for an easy point boost which is also crazy.

But yeah, overall after you get comfortable with it and glance at the combo list every now and again you'll get used to some combos at least. I never dipped into the weird ones like throat slash or ones that looked too hard to perform without practicing to know it's use and how much time it took to perform them. Also you might want to lay off polearm for now. It's very friendly with it's area damage, but I found it pretty weak compared to the regular unequiped Y moves. Also not spoiling exactly but the other side weapons you get later don't exactly have as much combo variety as the polearm from what I remember. Or at least aren't as daunting with their combo lists.

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That's pretty fucking cool which also gave me an idea that I just wanted to write down so hopefully someone steals it and makes something amazing. A reworked version of "The Emperor Napoleon in His Study at the Tuileries" but with Ryan would be kind of amazing.

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A steam copy I assume? I've always wanted to fuck around with this because of the weird following this game kind of gets.

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It's been so long that I barely remember what exactly it was, but I do know the doctorman told me it was cyst or some kind of abscess and stuck his knife in there to get it. Right near my poop hole. Only later after it not going away did I figure out from a different doctorman that it was a fistula. The worst part I remember was having to go through a gallon of clear liquid that was supposed to taste like pineapples. I had to do this twice before my two separate surgeries. The liquid made me empty my bowels. All of it. So much so that I was basically shitting clear water by the end of it. I had to take a drink of this stuff every 15 minutes which was fucking horrible because sometimes I just wanted to sit on the toilet for 15 minutes because my asshole was on fire. Still after that was done and I hadn't eaten for a day I had the surgeries. The first surgery was to just deal with it and the second was to remove something they put in there from the first I think. There was also some fear of some other manageable disease but it turned out to be nothing. This is why today I probably have a great fear of poopbutt and wipe a lot.

Same here! That fistula surgery and then seton band removal surgery. I mentioned it in my post earlier. Was your fistula in the lower muscle or in the upper muscle that's a bit trickier? Mine was about half a foot up; so, I had to have another surgery after those surgeries to tie the muscles back together.

And yeah, that liquid, man. ha. Definitely not the worst part of all of it, but easily a top-level unpleasant experience. All clear going in and all clear going out. Pretty wild. I had to do that three times. Still not as bad as just having blood come out of you, but up there.

So you're doing well now? No relapse on the infection? Any lasting effects for you?

Your story was a whole lot worse than mine and I'm sorry you had to go through that. Still good job on pulling through and not giving up.

It's been a long time so I'm not entirely sure but it was practically right by my anus. I never had anything like blood as far as I remember. The only thing that was weird about it was that I think after they knifed it was that it would puff up and release pretty often. I think it released some kind of liquid but not blood. I only had the two surgeries and never had any crazy effects due to them. I do remember now that the second surgery was to take out whatever they put inside me which was also unpleasant since that would just poke out and would slide in and out of this sort of tiny open gash. I also never had to deal with any kind of drug besides having to take periodic baths with some kind of salt meaning I just sat in a tub for a while due to that open sore. It probably speaks for either my bad memory or the fact that it's had no lasting effects on me, but I find it hard to remember if I had two or three surgeries now. One for the initial op, two for the taking out the band, and three to run a camera up my butt to check if I had some sign of a disease I can't for the life of me remember because I obviously didn't have it. I'm pretty sure two and three were grouped together, but I'm not quite sure. The only thing I'm left with now is some kind of unsmooth skin about one inch away from my anus.

Ah okay. It sounds like it was a lower muscle fistula tract, but it sounds like you had a seton(the thing they place in the fistula) surgery similar to mine. And yeah, that liquid is usually a puss/necrotized flesh mix. And the salt bath was for general healing. I did those a little, but the fact that I had multiple at once made it less of an option at times. I'm guessing you perhaps got an ultrasound of the inside of your intestine(which I had) or a colonoscopy. That scar tissue near the anus seems pretty routine for fistula surgeries, too. So you didn't need antibiotics for a while? That's something to really be thankful for.

So after a fifteen minute call to my mother to talk about my rear I remember a bit more. The fistula did something and got to the skin infecting it making the boil/cyst/abscess thing. They went in, cut out some gross tissue, and then put a clamp in me so I could have proper bowels until it healed or something. And oh man, I remembered my shit fucking sucked during that time period. Every time I shat anything out it bled. That reminds me anytime I have a super struggling shit now I do have a tiny bit of blood but not enough to be scary. I was lucky in that my fistula wasn't that complicated and was pretty routine I guess. I also know I had to take some antibiotics but only for maybe 2 weeks or less. So I guess I had the two surgeries for the regular thing and then the clamp. I got a colonoscopy down the line to check for signs of Crones but I turned out to be fine. Also I was told I didn't have to drink that terrible pineapple thing twice but I swear I did. Or it made my anus so god damn on fire that I remember it twice. I don't know but I'm glad I don't have to deal with Crones now because to have to take pills to just be normal for the rest of my life would be kind of terrible.