Ok, all of you rookies in the NFL.  When you're pursuing a running back, you might want to take a peek upfield and make sure that nobody is coming to block you.  That goes triple if Hines Ward is on the field:


Diagnosis: Broken jaw, out for the season.  Dumbass.

Rocket Knight Adventures, Street Fighter EX, & Cary Elwes

Now that my edits automatically go live, I imagine that I'll be more tempted to make more, smaller edits.  But, I did put some work into a few pages.

First, I came across the Rocket Knight Adventures page, which is an amazing game for the Sega Genesis.  You're some sort of rodent, in armor, who has a jetpack on his back.  You can dash in any direction with the jetpack, and a few of the levels are side-scrolling shooters.  The art direction is amazing, the enemies well thought-out, and - most importantly - it's fun as hell.  This is one of my favorite Genesis games ever.  The page had a bunch of info, but it needed a lot of cleanup.

Next up is the Street Fighter EX series, which is the ugly stepchild of the Street Fighter franchises.  While I can understand why people bash it - SF2 and SFA are certainly far superior - I still love EX.  The new fighters are imaginative, the game plays smoothly - if a bit slow - and I'm a huge fan of the super cancel system, which allows you to link together super attacks.  I owned the game, so I was way better than my friends, but they still had a blast even after I performed a combo that linked 2 super fireball attacks with the super hurricane kick and took off 3/4 of their life.  I think this game might've been better received if it didn't use the Street Fighter license, if for no other reason than the new characters were a ton of fun to play, and offered a surprising amount of variation from the standard Street Fighter character types.  That being said, nobody would've paid any attention to it without Ryu.

I also chanced upon the Cary Elwes page, which needed some major revisions.  Two fun facts:

  • He has only done voice work for one game, the totally forgettable Bard's Tale for the PS2/Xbox.
  • Not only did he do The Bard's voice, he also wrote his dialogue.

Latest Subs: Oni & Knights Of The Round

Does anyone else remember how much hype Oni had in early 2001?  I was really excited for this game, as it was supposed to show us what the PS2 could really do.  In reality, it was a dull, repetitive, and ugly game.  Though I want to add "what do you expect, it came out close to launch" to that sentence, I can't because Tekken Tag Tournament and SSX looked great, and they were launch games.

I also happened upon the Knights of the Round page, which needed some work.  This is one of my favorite brawlers ever.  I loved that the characters leveled up, and changed their appearance in doing so.  Gameplay-wise, it was pretty much the same as every other Capcom brawler, but that's not really a bad thing; those games were awesome.

I also got a few points updating Morrigan's page and Marvel v Capcom 2.  I just need 33 points to get to 1,000, which I should get once my various other subs are approved.


Latest Subs: Altered Beast & Kim Kardashian

I saw Altered Beast in the Top 10 Popular Games That Need Help list, so I added body text to the article.  I'm always a bit torn about AB.  On the one hand, I've played it 1000 times.  On the other, it's frankly not very good.

I also *groan* took a look at the Kim Kardashian page to see why she was on here.  The blurb was lacking, so I rewrote it.  I felt the need to mention her giant, nasty ass, since it's her trademark - though in retrospect it reads like a compliment, which was not my intention.  Seriously, this skank should be the spokeswoman for Photoshop, what with its airbrush tool has done for her "career."  However, after that sub was approved, someone added body text which read, in its entirety, "Blah blah reality tv blah blah fake celebrity blah blah sex tape blah blah dumb bitch famous for nothing, the end."  That's getting my nod for a Most Accurate Body Text award.


Got A First Look At The GH:WT Hardware

The Best Buy near me had a full band setup for Guitar Hero World Tour, though they had Guitar Hero: Aerosmith in the tray (FAIL!).  So while I didn't get to see the game in action, I did take a few minutes to pound on the drums and guitars.

RedOctane has always done the guitar controller properly, and the GHWT guitar is no different.  It still has the removable neck, but the overall guitar feels even better and more solid than even the Les Paul, which I hold up as being having the best build quality of any widely available plastic guitar to-date (wonky removable neck notwithstanding).  Though the look is obviously very different, the overall "feel" of the thing is like a beefed up Les Paul, in terms of the fret buttons, strummer, and solid build quality.  I didn't know what to expect from the feel of the touchpad, but it's recessed into the neck a tiny bit, and feels very smooth and quick.  I thought there'd be a glossy finish, which would look like crap and get sticky after hours of greasy fingers all over it, but it's more akin to the touchpad material that you'd see on a laptop.  The Star Power activation button and PS3 control knob were very welcome changes.  All in all, this guitar is pretty kick ass!

I only banged on the drums a bit, and they were very different than RB's kit.  First, the sticks were real sticks.  They felt pretty heavy compared to the RB kit.  The pads are EXTREMELY quiet, but they also have this weird mushy soft feeling to them.  I have no idea what that'll do for bounceback, but it certainly helped in the noise department.  The cymbals would take some time to get used to, but they too were very quiet.  I did have trouble with hitting off of the sides of the pads and smacking the frame, which make a hell of a lot of noise, but that'd get fixed with playtime.  All in all, the drums are as solid as you'd expect from RedOctane.  They're also really heavy, so good luck to people carting around their GHWT kit to friends' houses.

Hopefully I'll get some playtime with the actual game this week, but I won't have much beyond impressions; I'm still not planning on buying the game.


Rock Band: AC/DC Confirmed!

The New York Times broke the story; Harmonix will have a press release later today.  Walmart will be the exclusive provider of the AC/DC Live Track Pack, compatible with Rock Band 1 and 2.  Prices "start at $29.88", though the expectation is that it'll probably cost about $40 for 18 tracks.  Link to the Walmart page for AC/DC.

Personally, I might hold off on this to see if it goes non-exclusive at some point.  Or I'd wait for it to go on sale or have a coupon or something.  I have the AC/DC Live album, and it's excellent, so I'd be happy to have these songs.  Plus, For Those About To Rock has a huge pyro explosion in it...and that's always cool.

Shoot To Thrill
Back In Black
Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be
Fire Your Guns
The Jack
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Hells Bells
High Voltage
Whole Lotta Rosie
You Shook Me All Night Long
Let There Be Rock
Highway To Hell
For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)

edit: Pricing and release dates outside of the US

"The AC/DC LIVE: Rock Band Track Pack will be available exclusively at Walmart Stores and Sam's Club in the U.S. on November 2nd on XBox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 and on November 16th for Wii. Pricing for AC/DC LIVE: Rock Band Track Pack on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii is $ 39.88 and $ 29.88 for the PlayStation 2. The AC/DC LIVE: Rock Band Track Pack will also be available in Europe, Australia and New Zealand in early December on XBox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 and Wii. In the UK, AC/DC LIVE: Rock Band Track Pack will be £29.99 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii and £19.99 for the PlayStation 2. In the rest of EU, the AC/DC LIVE: Rock Band Track Pack will be €39.99 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii and €29.99 for the PlayStation 2. In Australia, AC/DC LIVE: Rock Band Track Pack will be $ 49.99 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation, Wii and PlayStation 2."


Holy Shit; I'm Actually Getting Old!

Over the last couple of years, some circumstantial evidence has popped up to suggest that I'm not a young pup anymore.  For instance, I can't rally after a hard night of drinking at all.  My knees are totally shot, so running more than every other day is painful.  My shoulder's messed up, so lifting is almost out of the question.  I'm starting to go to bed at 10.  I actually like HGTV.  Ok, maybe that's more than "some" evidence.

But Saturday proved to my girlfriend and I that we're getting old.  We went to Hersheypark - one word - and rode the coasters.  Afterwards, she thought she was going to throw up on the car ride home, and my brain still hurts two days later.  That's right, I'm too old to ride rollercoasters.  I think I should just give up, hike my pants up to my nips, and complain about how things used to cost less.


Rock Band AC/DC??

Ever since this screenshot was found on the Darkest of The Hillside Thicket's lead singer's blog (which shows Shoot To Thrill (Live at Donington)), folks have been excited to know that more AC/DC will be coming to Rock Band.  Now the rumors have picked up even more, as Destructoid posted  this image  from a Wal-Mart stock listing that states "Rock Band 2 Video AC/DC 'Live at Donington' Expansion Pack for Rock Band 2."  Wal-Mart wouldn't stock DLC, so this would seem to be an add-on disc for Rock Band 2.  Given that Rock Band's entire strategy is built around having one game with hundreds of songs, this seems like a strange move.  My bet is that the disc is for Wii/PS2, and the expansion will be available as a download for the 360/PS3.

Let's hope, anyway.  I'm done buying discs.


Updates On The Fall DVR


I finally got around to watching Fringe yesterday, and I'm pretty impressed with it.  The supporting characters are pretty one-dimensional so far (crazy, but brilliant scientist paired with his cynical, yet equally brilliant son and the "mean black captain" from every buddy cop movie ever), but I'm giving them a chance as the "super-science gone wrong" plot is pretty interesting.  It's the dude from Lost, so of course there are already a lot of plotlines running around.  We'll see if they can keep it together.  It sort of reminds me of a serious version of Eureka on the Sci-Fi Network.  It even runs at the same time. (speaking of which, I should start recording that).

Terminator - SCC Update

Holy shit!  The new T-1000 is Shirley Manson from Garbage!  I totally didn't notice that before.  Fuckin' A, that's awesome.  (No wonder why her acting sucks.)
Bend me, break me, anyway you need me.