What I Got For My Birthday

1. $50 gift card to Best Buy.  Gonna use it to get the RB2 drums.
2. Steelers polo shirt, so I can have something Steelers to wear to work.
3. An framed & autographed picture of meteorologist Bill Henley from Philadelphia's NBC 10.

NBC 10's Bill Henley

Yes, I know how weird that is.  But let me just say that my fiancee getting me that photo is proof positive that I'm marrying the right woman.  I haven't laughed that hard in a long time as I did when I opened that present.

Happy Thanksgiving

I don't know about everyone else, but Thanksgiving has supplanted Christmas as my favorite holiday as I've gotten older.  Thanksgiving to me is seeing my family, having a great meal, and relaxing with everyone while we watch football.  There's no expectations, no worrying about gifts, just fun.

I love Thanksgiving; I hope my fellow Americans have a great one, too!

Things I'm thankful for this year (besides the obvious cheezy stuff, like family and stuff):

Dogfish Head Chicory Stout

Fallout 3, and the Bloody Mess perk.

Rock Band 2 w/ friends.

The Riddler Strikes!

So my trivia questions are going pretty well.  I posted a couple of easy ones (provided that you know that game it refers to pretty well), but for the most part, people are struggling a bit with my riddles.  I'm not planning on making them any easier.  Let the enlightened gamers come forth!!!!


PS3 regained its footing. Wii dominates the market. 360 rules.

The PS3 appears to have shaken off its disastrous launch, and has a bevvy of great exclusive games for it, and is doing well as the direct competitor to the Xbox 360.

The Wii's novelty factor has worn off for many of the game-playing adults that I know, but the kids still can't get enough of it.  It's still a party staple, but I think it's been pretty much written off as a console that competes with the 360 and PS3.  Yes, that's how it has always been marketed, but there are still plenty of people who thought the Wii would render consoles like the 360 or PS3 obsolete.

Ultimately, my desire to get a Wii has abated, and I still don't see any reason to pick up a PS3.  I'm very happy that there's good competition in the marketplace - that's how we make progress - but I know that I made the right decision for me by getting a 360.  I couldn't be happier with it.


Peruvians Love Tekken Tag Tournament

I happened upon a couple of arcades while in Peru.  They were dank and seedy looking places full of people who look like they know little in the way of human interaction.  So at least arcades are basically the same all over, then!

Not surprisingly, fighters dominated the makeup of the arcade, with roughly 80% of the games being split amongst Capcom, SNK, and Namco.  While KOF and MvC were popular, Tekken Tag Tournament was the clear favorite.  The arcade in Puno had three TTT cabinets, and they were a few people deep waiting for games.  And no, I didn't play anyone, despite me being the dominate Tekken player out of my friends.  I was more interested in taking someone on in MvC, where I got my ass handed to me.

Next time, Peru....next time.


Gettin' Started on Fallout 3..and, oh yeah, I'M ENGAGED!

I'm back from my two week vacation in Peru, sitting at home with a nasty cold.  The country was beautiful; we took about 2200 photos all told.  Apparently buying a Nikon SLR before leaving will get you excited to use it!

The best part was that I'd bought an engagement ring four months ago and was hiding it on me until we got to Machu Picchu on day 9 of our trip.  Fortunately, I was able to keep it completely hidden without issue.  We found a nice remote spot - MP is typically covered with tourists - for me to pop the question.  And she said yes!

From Engagement
Now that we're back, we're trying to get into the daily routine again.  Like I've said, I'm at home with a cold, but I have gotten some time in with Fallout 3.  I'm liking it so far, but then again I'm a huge Elder Scrolls fan.  I decided to go with a megalomaniac female on my first run through.

I Voted!

I'll be out of the country during the elections, on a two-week vacation in Peru, so I submitted my absentee ballot for the 2008 elections.  Ultimately, I'm pretty happy with the direction that Harrisburg is taking, and I feel that my state reps have my interests in mind.  So go Pennsylvania State Government!

I hope that I get to hear who wins while I'm out.  If not, it'll be interesting to see folks' reaction to the presidential election when I get back.