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Last time I got a StreetPass was about... actually, it was about a week ago, but that was the first in like a MONTH. Yeah, I don't see a lot of 3DSes out there (and I'm just gonna assume nobody in NH owns a Vita), so I'm gonna guess it's just that people are migrating to phones now.

To be fair, though, phones have got some sick games and they can browse internet better than the 3DS's paleozoic bull honkey.

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First time watching anything F1-related--after listening to probably all of Alt+F1 last year I'm excited to finally follow it from the beginning! That being said, almost immediately I cannot tell who anybody is when they're on the track and I have no idea what people are talking about with some of this terminology. Guess it'll come to me at some point.

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Glover 2. What if that was the game that really made the Nintendo 64 shine? What if that was the next Mario 64?

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Big Jeffrey.

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It's less "death of an empire" and more "moving the capital" but I bought the PS3 version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 to play with my friend after sinking hours upon hours into my 360 copy. All my precious precious costumez.

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Echoing KI, it's maybe my favorite fighting game and while it's technically free-to-play, just drop the 40 bucks on the Ultra packs--it's still less than a normal retail release and you get things earlier than other folks as they're rolled out.

You know what? That Sherlock Holmes game they put out on it wasn't that bad. Not even a joke.

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I thought it was alright! I don't think I want to play it over again but I enjoyed the time I spent with it.

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Real answer? I've been getting way into Tekken Tag Tournament 2--getting into any Tekken game is a rough but it's fun enough to warrant the time taken out to familiarize yourself with everything. Killer Instinct is also way better than you'd think for a Killer Instinct game of all things, and from what I can tell it's basically what your original post was looking for. Granted, I don't play high enough level KI to see the footsies aspect in any real capacity.

Joke answer? Fighter's History. It's like if Street Fighter managed to be worse and if it had Karnov.

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I bought an Xbox One when it was still 500 dollars. Oh well.

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Started with Volt, but probably gonna get something else. I don't mind it, but I'd like something tankier.

Update: I've maxed out my Saryn so I guess that's who I'm using! I might pick up Oberon at some point if I can find the blueprints.