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I'm sure I'm not the only one here but I just finished Frogwares' The Testament of Sherlock Holmes! I'd give it a good middle of the road 3 outta 5 if I had to put a number on it--the story was interesting and a lot of the mechanics were neat but, like essentially every adventure game, most of the puzzles were stupidly obtuse.

That being said, I'm moving onto the next Sherlock game with gusto. Alex and Vinny made it actually look super neat.

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Jumping Flash because how dope would Jumping Flash be with Sony's VR, man. How dope.

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Medium attacks in Killer Instinct. Guess who gets combo broken like every match?

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Killer Instinct looks alright, pricing tactics aside. I went with the Wii U, though, so I doubt I'll ever get hands-on with it.

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Both Portals, Toki Tori 2+, MK9 and Scribblenauts for my brother.

Don't buy MK9 on PC just yet, as a warning. It's fussy about starting up (like "you have to edit the config.ini to skip a hardware check" fussy) and once you're in it's slow as shit--I've heard but can't confirm that they're going to ship a patch, though.

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Goddamn, finally. I am NOT buying SFXT just to get my Rolento on.

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The model 1 Sega Genesis is a pretty beautiful machine and if you're in the market for a "sexy console" you can probably actually fuck it.

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This is great but teraflops do not exist.

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Blew through NiGHTS into dreams in a single night; just bought MK9, Toki Tori 2+ and the Portal games on Steam; just got my Sega Genesis and Revenge of Shinobi so I'm probably gonna work on those a bit at a time.

I've been watching old TNTs too, mostly the fighting game ones (MK, SF, etc), and old Unprofessional Fridays. It's a great way to remember Ryan in my opinion.

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Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition's trial mode helps to teach you moves, cancelling, juggling and other stuff like that in a hands-on kind of way--the game doesn't have a literal tutorial per se, but the trials help to teach you concepts at the very least. I haven't played MK9 yet, but based on what people are saying here I might get into it pretty easily.

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