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This is profoundly sad news guys. Giantbomb won't be the same without him. He will be greatly missed. This news hit me like a kick to the chest. Very sad...

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Anyone still have keys to give out? I'm curious to check it out, but don't want to spend $20...

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Saw a lot of people giving out keys lately. Anyone have any left? I'd love one. Thanks in advance! Steam name is also 'skudfisher'.

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I wish I could! Then I would switch characters and run around and pick it all up again... :)

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Once you've fully upgraded a Skylander with all their abilities is there any way to use the coins you collect? My Level 10 Trigger Happy has like 8000 coins right now and I don't see anywhere else to spend them...

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So I've actually got the 3DS and the 360 game right now, and I signed up online to Skylanders Universe and started playing it a bit... But is there any benefit to playing it? It doesn't seem to give me coins or level up my Skylanders at all in the other games... and I find all the Flash games really boring... Is there any benefit at all to playing them? Will I gain anything or unlock anything in the other games?


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I am loving the game on PC but keep getting connection issues while playing online. I've had about 50% of the matches I've joined (even hosted) drop because it disconnects from TrendyNet... driving me a bit crazy... I hope this is just a launch day issue that will be resolved quickly. Otherwise this is super fun.

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This model certainly worked for Guitar Hero...

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@Alphazero said:
" Duel joystick shooter for XBLA.

I'd play it as long as it has Barry for co-op.

You beat me to it... that was going to be my first guess/joke... That or a top-down car combat game a la Red Faction, despite it making no sense at all for the franchise at all... Maybe an iPhone game? I guess we'll see...
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