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@iron1c said:

I feel like the worst person after that finish.

Wasn't your fault. I went up to try to get a better run out of the corner on @slowbird and was an idiot and didn't realize I'd lose the draft, too. Came back down & collected you. It was totally on me.

But honestly, I'm really irritated that all @Trace kept bitching about during the session and in his stream was the setup. It was almost exactly the same one that you had, that @khann had, that @slowbird had, and that everyone else had. I didn't buy it. I did literally the exact same thing that you did and just adjusted a couple things and it turns out my adjustments worked. I decided that since 99% of the setup was identical to the one everyone else had, I'd try to help my teammate and I have a tiny edge and kept it during the race session, but told @slowbird that I'd obviously share it after the race. What's the point of teams if you don't at least try to help each other a little? If you've been paying any attention to how I conduct myself in the GBRL, you may have noticed that a big reason that I finish so far behind most races is that I'd rather let someone else finish ahead of me if it means I'd ruin someone else's race. So if you think for a hot second that I'm colluding in some back alley and trying to gain any Schumacher-like advantage I can at the expense of everyone else in this league, I honestly just feel sad for you. You should probably focus on not turning into corners twice instead of worrying about a setup which has basically no real bearing on how fast someone is.

And what you said tonight in the stream about me was pretty much the final straw. You're probably right, someone who takes jabs at people is totally not good for Giant Bomb, literally an entire website empire created to do just that.

Bye, guys. I've genuinely enjoyed racing with everyone in this league, you're all a bunch of really great duders. Yeah, even you, Nick.

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@boatman_ said:

So it looks like I have a family event to attend today and I'm thinking I'm not going to be back in time for tonight's race at Bristol. I was looking forward to experiencing a race with what seems like lot of cars on a tiny track. I guess I'll have to settle with watching the stream afterwards. Have fun guys.

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na that sucks.

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@slowbird said:

Hopefully we won't have too many cautions though!




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@slowbird said:

@skullcrushermountain: You're right, I should have backed off there. I was just frustrated by getting passed constantly in the oval and then trying to fight back on the infield, and I thought I could out-brake you in turn 1 like I did a few laps before. Obviously I was being too aggressive and didn't have the talent to make it work.

It wasn't a lack of talent, believe me. You actually flashed for about a quarter of a second on my replay, so maybe that was it. But I think the real problem is that you just didn't believe in yourself.

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@slowbird said:

Another very fun and exciting race!

And another crash caused by me.

Sorry @skullcrushermountain and @hayfourzee it could have been a good finish if not for my mistake.

I think that has to have been my best actual race I've ever had in this league. You and I were battling really, really hard, but we knew when to back out, which is my favorite kind of racing. We even went 3 wide into the bus stop with @khann with nobody dying and all 3 of us getting pretty good runs, out of it, I think. I'm really disappointed that we ran out of luck on the 2nd to last lap, but to be fair, you lost that corner and should have fallen back and gotten me back on the oval or in the infield. Sucks even more since it looks like I was the only one to get any damage and actually had to pit, since I had to put my wheel at a 45 degree angle to drive it straight.

I am glad that I can almost hang with you guys up front now (obviously not @c0braje7, since I'm pretty sure he's a genetically engineered super being), at least in the GBGT races. It's genuinely surprising how much faster you can go if you actually just stop mashing the pedals and steer smoothly. I'm REALLY looking forward to Lime Rock next week.

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@khann said:
@iron1c said:

@khann said:

I think I may have forgotten to mention this, but all of the 75+ min races (4 in total) for GBGT are worth double points.

What. WHAT. WHAT?!

Yes, you did forget to mention this, you crazy person.

I'm sorry :( I'm terrible at this stuff, but I'm trying to learn, I swear :(

Awesome, looking forward to both my points this race!

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@slowbird said:

@iron1c: I'm starting to think we should keep track of the GBGT manufacturer points as well :D

I think we should do teams for GBGT :D