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@pseg: Arite, muffin-butt, I think I've determined that I'm going to start the practice at 11 AM PST Sunday, qualifying at 12:45 and race at 1:15. McLaren/RUF/Caddy at Interlagos, custom weather I'll release a couple hours before the practice session starts (hopefully), but probably cold & overcast. I'm also going to try to figure out some numbers for fuel consumption to force some strategery on stops. My goal is to make it so you might be able to 2 stop it or 3 stop based on how the race goes. I'm going to password protect the race, and I'll post that here once I set the session up tonight or tomorrow. I want to see a lot of people, so I'll allow about 20-25 spots from non gb members, depending on who's definitely going to show up.

About to put up the session, password is going to be "torque"

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@pseg: You're no villain. That big ol' cup car can be intimidating; it was the first car I purchased and it kicked my ass! Have you tried the National Impala? It's a only a D-license car and used for shorter tracks, but will work on bigger ones (even Daytona). Lap times are the same as the SLM (looking at records, within 0.01 at USA and Richmond). The National car has those sweet light-up gauges though... so that wins the duel in my book. :D

By the way, I wouldn't worry about this past weekend's atendance; PAX, people having technical issues, it being a "break week." We had a great time in the Gen6 race and all agreed we'd love to do that with 10+ people some night.

Yeah, I got pole on Friday (my first) and had to bail because my cat puked all over my bed. It's ok, I put him down right after. Interrupt my race, you little fucker, I don't think so.

I'd have been there on Saturday too, but my fucking data drive blew up with no warning, and I lost a ton of data. So, not really a good weekend for me :D

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@mouse: Yeah, that was kind of actually my other thought. I really like that track.

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Thinking about running a 90 minute race this weekend, but password protecting it and allowing some non GB people in. Probably something like RUF/McLaren/CTS-V on Road Atlanta, Montreal or Watkins. Probably Saturday or Sunday around noon PST. Thoughts?

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@iron1c: That means I need to buy another car? If I was, hypothetically speaking, going to buy a Gen6 car are there any functional differences between the Chevy and the Ford?

One is super cool. The other is not.

And don't trust @slowbird

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@iron1c: I need some hyper-speed left-turning.

The next Indy Series will still run the old car, so you get at least 3 months of driving that thing, but I get what you mean.

@mouse said:

I'd like to race the Gen6 at Daytona, so hopefully that happens for this Friday!

Same here! Gen6 at Daytona for this week! Also get some Trucks in there at a bump-draft track as well (Daytona again? Seems like not many people would own Talladega) and some crazy, dumb stuff.

Again, depending on timing, I'd be down for Gen6 at Daytona or Talladega (I have both), or trucks, or whatever. I'd really like a large race, so whatever gets the most people.

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@mouse said:

Just ordered an Obutto Ozone Cockpit. Can't wait to race in comfort! I'll post some pictures when it arrives.

I'm thinking about hosting some oval racing with the F1 car on the 19th (next Saturday). Who would be interested in that?

If I'm here, I'll be down. I also have the Indycar already.

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@kherven said:

This game is too damn expensive.

It's really expensive during your first season, yes, but once you got the most common tracks and grabbed one of the year-long subscriptions during Black Friday it's really not that bad. I only spent like 12$ on an Oval track since Christmas when the RuF's came out.

And don't forget to do the iRacing credits thing for running in a season.

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