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fLx IroN1c on X1. Based in Germany, though I don't know how to sleep and play at the weirdest times.


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WANTED: Like Minded Adventurers Seeking Fame and Glory.

Death presumed. Fun guaranteed. GT: Ron Swanson Jr

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@skullcrushermountain said:

I think you should be our official recruiter.

Sure. After the weekend is over I'll send a message out to a few guys that joined us. Who knows, maybe these off-weeks could help bring in some new duders.

Just try to focus on the ones who don't crash into us, ok? :(

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@mouse said:

That was a strange race. I was pretty lucky not to get demolished and somehow was in the lead.

You guys think we should try to use these races as a way to get new members? Could write down the names of some drivers who raced clean and seemed generally cool, and toss them a message about the league. I'm sure we could find a couple guys who'd be interested.

I think you should be our official recruiter.

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@khann said:

Here's a preliminary schedule for FD and GBGT. As you can see, things will be changing a bit for Formula Duder next season, where we'll be running 3 different cars. Any thoughts/ideas are welcome.

I'll be making my announcement on the Meme Motorsports drivers for next season before Suzuka.

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@maxx77 said:

I do wish rFactor 2, and all the rFactor engined games for that matter, had a wider range of difficulties for the AI. The AI is impressive, but it seems that the ones in last place are just as fast as the ones in first. The only real difference is where they started on the grid. I wish they had varying degrees of skill, kinda like how Forza 1-4 handled their AI. Unless the race is long, all the cars finish in a tight pack. Maybe iRacing has ruined my expectations, but I want the AI drivers to seem like people with different skill levels and driving styles rather than a grid full of clones.

Unless there are more settings or mods I don't know about, that's been my experience so far. I don't mind too much. I can always tweak the numbers when racing solo to make the AI match my skill level. I don't know how well that's going to work with us racing together with the AI thrown in though. I'm curious to see how it'll turn out. Since I'm unlikely to make it tomorrow (if you're racing then), would anyone mind posting a replay?

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@iron1c said:

You people and your GSC. I really don't think it's that great.

And that's why America won WWII.

When are we doing this thing? What are we racing?

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@slowbird said:

ugh I'm a hazard on the racetrack ugh ugh ugh *mopes around for hours*