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When you're asked to be the sidekick. the next game you're given a dynamic goal of just give the ball to whoever. I played it a few time but bledsoe( whom I'm supposed to feed it to) keeps sucking. on top of that, because I score 30 points a game and we've won ever since I started getting 20+ minutes the usual flex option is "Play through me" and the idiot gives me the ball back when I pass to him, even when the shot clock is at less than 5 seconds. I was able to get him to 25 points with the final shot of the game but it came up failed. How do I complete this goal so I can go back to playing normal, not shitty game-losing strategy.

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@randyf said:

I would say it's more like Ground Zeroes in the respect that you can approach your objectives from multiple angles.


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If you have the PC to play it, obviously PC will have better graphics. I personally don't care for mouse and keyboard controls, and I don't have a good PC, so I pay it on PS4. It looks great either way

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My PSN is Ohhsnap64

I'm up for co -op

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And Multiplayer is ruined once again

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@egg: No. @doctordonkey: I disagree, Mario Kart has a certain type of lookand feel that adding other Nintendo characters would destroy that feel. @jinx1: The Koopa kids are fine although not integral and the inclusion of numerous baby and metal versions of characters drags down the selection.

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Mario Kart 8 has been out for a bit, and I'm sure that plenty of people have some issues with the character selection. So my question is: What characters, other than the core, do you think would be better fit the Mario Kart collection instead of babies and metal versions?

My vote is Boo, Dry Bones, and Birdo

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The difference is that multiplayer is done through the 3ds, and there is very rudimentary 3d.

I's good for me since it wasn't available in the states before.

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I'm turned off by the sexualization of childish characters

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My idiot brother-in-law still defends this hunk of junk.