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An Extra Fine outing from "Double Fine". 0

Double Fine is known for their superb atmosphere and writing in their games. Recently delving into Downloadable games, Their latest release is an XBLA exclusive third person mech shooter/ tower defense hybrid with plenty of atmosphere and writing. Trenched may not be as outright funny as past Double Fine releases such as Costume Quest and Stacking, but It makes up for it with superb atmosphere and more gameplay depth than most games by Double Fine.     Trenched starts out with two injured WW1 ...

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Pokemon Pearl/Diamond Review 0

The pokemon series has helped Nintendo handhelds from the beginning with it's easy to play nature and childish undertone; and Pokemon Pearl and Diamond are the latest games in the series, and although the formula hasn't changed at all since the first games for the original GameBoy, the few new additions manage to make this one the best overall experience to date. The gameplay is the same as it has always been, which is a good thing, because the gameplay has always been great. the major addition...

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DBZ budokai tenkaichi review 0

The budokai series was an interesting series, the first game was good, the second game wasn't nearly as good despite the better graphics, but the third game was a phenomenally good game and was one of the better PS2 fighting games out...and still is... Tenkaichi is a sequel that is about as good as the original budokai, but budokai wasn't made as a sequel to a good game, which made it more acceptable. Tenkaichi replaces the traditional 3d fighter gameplay for a behind the back camera perspecti...

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