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How did she get a mirror shot on the beach?

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@xobballox: Thanks, Sonic StarFox and Donatello always seem to get the most reaction when I'm online.

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I buy Soulcalibur more for the dress-up than the fight. I love the created fighters people come up with. here are some of mine.

Also, sorry for the large image dump, I get carried away sometimes, heh ^^;

Any Breaking Bad fans?
Ghost Face Killah.
I consider this sort of... a work in progress... I think...-ish
They see me (barrel) rolliiiiiin', they hatiiiiin'.....
Classic Blue Bomber
My current fav
I was gonna make a joke but then...
Fresh(?) from the NY sewers
Our classic Spidey villain
Lovable merc with a mouth
Final Fight/Streetfighter (alt colour
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Me, Myself and I is an old favourite. After hearing a few of her recent singles I fell out of love but then I actually listened to "4" as a whole and god damn does she deliver. So new favs include Love on Top, Party, Rather Die Young and I Miss you.

Also, also, Count Down bangs! ... Man I really love that new album more than I expected to lol.

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Hmm, looks okay, but there's a distinct lack of Crash Bandicoot.

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OOOOHHH I'm Getting flash backs of how great this series is!

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But can I play as Crash Bandicoot?

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Don't remember where I saw some of them but three always stick out in my mind.  
Your Tapeworm, FalconPWNch & Rhetorical Shotgun.

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@nicksem said:
Pretentious bollocks
My thoughts exactly.
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Ok, so this is a subject I've actually thought about way too much about, but here's my thoughts and questions. 
I'm guessing its a molecular breakdown and something to do with the skin contact after the ball hits then the red laser that comes out. But what I don't understand is why this ability to shrink and transform molecules isn't applied for other uses in the world other than Pokemon transport. Think of the money and environmental benefits of transferring large cargo (e.i. cars, food, prison system) across great distance with ease. This then begs the question what's the size/density limit of a Pokeball? they can clearly be modified for special purpose due to all the various balls available in Gold/Silver... 
 I have more questions (like power source?) about this but I fear I've gone to deep already.