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"I don't think it's social barriers that are keeping people from eating poop." - Dan Ryckert

Good show overall! I like bringing in of guests who aren't "one of the gang" already. But don't get me wrong I do like when they do show up.

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I love the interactive map in this game! So much back story and geographical information just brings the world a whole different meaning. I haven't read everything in it just because there is so much packed in there.

Has anyone ever seen this sort of technique/style in another game before?

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Big ups duder!

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Did jeff lose his voice and that's why he doesn't do this for the bombcast?

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The audio of videos will restart from the beginning after the video is over. The video does not play. It's not a critical problem because I can watch the whole thing through the first time without problems, save buffering ect. (but that's cause my connection sucks).

I run firefox 21.0 on Windows 7 x64 and watch the videos in progressive scan on low settings.

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@haltiamreptar: Quite a bit of the ? puzzles don't require knowledge of the cypher. I've only learned the tetris directions For the longest time I just forgot that I could interact with things in the world! Your floating guide thing will typically help out and show you what you can interact with.

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Even after it being completely powered down all last night it locked up after the initial boot up and the 2nd boot up. Requiring two power cycles to stop freezing up again.

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I'll try just shutting down instead of using sleep. I'll check back tomorrow after it's off for a while, cause it only seems to be a problem if it's been off for a while.

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There is no option for hibernate mode on my version of windows. Isn't that usually a laptop feature? In the shut down menu there is 'restart' 'shutdown' or 'sleep'

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I usually keep my computer in sleep mode when I'm not using it. Lately the first time after it wakes up the computer will lock up, ie: no mouse movement, keystrokes, etc. and the only way to get out of it is to restart or turn the computer off and on. Usually this corrects the problem the first time, sometimes it takes a couple. But then the next time it goes into sleep or turns off it will happen on the first boot up again. I've downloaded new graphics and sound drivers, done virus scans, spybot scans, defragmenting, windows update etc. Updated Display Fusion, the mouse drivers, steam etc. etc.

Any ideas?

My Specs bought it May 2009

Intel i7 920

Nvidia Geforce 260

6GB of OCZ ram

ASUS P6T mobo

750 W PC Power and Cooling power supply

300GB WD Raptor, 1TB WD, 2 TB WD

Sound Blaster X-Fi

Antec 900 case

Dell monitors at 1680*1050 and at 1024*768

Klipsch 2.1 speakers

G400 mouse

Microsoft Keyboard

Windows 7 Ultimate