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I remember when video games were about having fun.

Those were great times.

Are you not entertained .

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Great pic Merry Christmas.

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Whats wrong with looking at TITS i say we need more tits, TITS for one and all. I love tits me. Maybe if all you Americans stopped stroking your Guns and looked at some TITS its you would all be abit calmer. And stop over analyzing everything. We have tits in or morning newspapers, im looking at some now, Emma form Essex how cool is that (@@) TITS.

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My God I am so sorry for your loss my deepest condolences to everyone.

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im a little sad :(

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An excellent article Alex.

I havnt bought an EA game since they ruined FIFA 2006 and brought in ingame purchases, and to be honest I can safely say Im not missing much, they all seem to be fucked up in some way.

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It's in London jolly good!!

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Hope you get time to fix soon dude I to use the app more than most on my phone. Cheers

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I havnt been able to watch video on GB for over a month