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Does anybody else find the different-sized screens to be aesthetically odd?  Functionally it doesn't really matter all that much, it just looks weird to me.

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@Ronald:   For sure, me too.
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I'm all about the improved audio codec for voice stuff.  Everybody on Live sounds like a fratboy-pteradactyl, though that's partially due to the junky bundled wired Xbox mics.

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Haha, this is crazy but kind of hilariously awesome.

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Yeah I thought so too!  Much better than my city's "DON'T SHAKE YOUR BABY" advertisements on buses, which are also pretty hilarious in their own right, but not as clever, and for all the wrong reasons.

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Lately, after an absence of console gaming action (minus a foray into Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for the Wii) for about 8 months, I've been trying to catch up.  I ignored my backlog and went straight to Mass Effect 2 to avoid spoilers.  Played some Forza 3 but for whatever reason couldn't get really into it.  Screwed around with Bad Company (sounds dirty), which was surprisingly good and I've been addicted to ever since, thank you to Jeff at Giant Bomb for the preview that got that one rolling.  Finally getting around to playing some BioShock, going for all the achievements in one run which looks possible.  And now thinking about what to roll with next:
Arkham Asylum, Darksiders, Assassin's Creed II, Halo 3: ODST, Lost and the Damned, or numerous XBLA games.  Well, at least the summer looks like it will be a little light.  That should help.  Perfect Dark coming out, however, will not help me catch up with my backlog.
Also, hanging out with my pet corn snake, and this is what she thinks about public transportation:

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@Rebirth1337:  Have some coming in the mail!  Did you pick em up yourself?
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This DLC reminds me of that crappy TV show Sightings, it was like unsolved mysteries, but with aliens.  Mystery solved: Grey aliens aren't real!

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@Skwid: whoops, accidentally created a new account, thought I was logged in, Skwidman is my real account not Skwid.  (I blame lack of caffeine for this incident).  Not that anybody cares.
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The XBLA trial of this game was awesome.  I bet I could play it better than that guy, Mr. Balloon Hands.  Or Mr. Walkway, Mr. Walk down me I'm the walkway.  Lead ME to the building...