My first blog


Ok, so technically this is my third blog, but my other blogs weren’t real, blog like blogs whereas this is a blog that sticks more to the traditional blog

I’ve been playing a lot of (you’ll hate me for this) MW2 this past week. Haven’t touched the single player since completing it (although I do plan to at some point) or spec ops, just been playing the multiplayer. It’s good, fun, and really frustrating, I’m level 61 now and it’s becoming a bit of a drag to be honest. Before I forget, I played with a load of GB dudes the past two days and it was awesome so thanks to


And a load more dudes who’s names I can’t recall at the moment. You guys rock.  (Don’t worry, just because I forget your name doesn’t mean I don’t love you)

I had the chance to play some Left 4 Dead 2 on my Brother’s 360. That was alright, it’s definitely better than the first, but because it came out so soon after said prequel, and because so much of it is the same, it’s just not as fun. Played some SF4 again while I was on the 360 as well. I think I may just put some time into it and try and get decent at it (five years too late, I know).

Other than that, I’m going to try and finish up Borderlands soon. That is, if I can stop playing MW2. Hoping to finish Valkyria Chronicles and Eternal Sonata soon as well. Thinking of picking up Dragon Age despite not having any previous interest in it and I’m getting some strange urges to go back and play Sonic Adventure again. I don’t care what anyone says, that game is awesome.

Christmas is fast approaching which means getting wasted, games and no school. Oh, and I have my first guitar lesson on Tuesday which I’m pretty excited about.

I think that’s about yeah...feel free to comment.


MW2 thoughts/impressions


So i thought it was a fairly good campaign, lots of crazy shiz going on. Maybe a little short for me though. I would have liked if they stretched it out with some less crazy things, so we get a longer campaign and i think that if they were spread out a bit more the crazy events would make a bigger impact. 
Story was a little crazy, that wasn't my problem with it. What bugged me more was how much they omitted and left it up to the player to figure out. Don't get me wrong, i don't mind having to think about a plot but they left to much unanswered in my opinion.
As for the characters...
I didn't really like Shepard. Well, not so much the character himself, but maybe the way he was portrayed. I think it was mentioned in the bombcast, about him not really selling you on the whole...

And if they pushed the Shepard being pissed because of the loss of his men in the first game/glorifying of soap and friends thing more he would have seemed like much less of an asshole...and a deeper, better character.
Finally, Roach and Ghost...

I am yet to try spec ops but am fairly deep into the multiplayer. I guess it’s just more of the same, but to a more extreme degree (same applies to the campaign) so if you didn’t like the first games multiplayer you probably won’t find much enjoyment in it.

Sorry for any naivety and the lack of organisation. 
Going to go and finish Borderlands now before I get to obsessed with MW2's multiplayer.


Tekken 6 Impressions

   So i just started playing and...this blows. Played some local versus first and that was alright, it was...well...tekken. This part of the game looks alright, but nothing special. It does look better than i iniattly thought it would after reading what some people said. but After that i tried arcade and Scenario mode. is just what you'd expect but the new scenario mode is horrible. It looks horrible, it plays horrible, and as far as i'm aware you have to do it in order to unlock characters for the arena which is (again, as far as i'm aware) the only mode where you get to see the prologue and ending movies.  
The arena also features one of the cheapest bosses around. I'm yet to try the online but my expectations aren't too high.
Maybe the scenario mode will grow on me but at the moment i'm just thankful i rented this rather than buying it straight away. Sucks because i was really looking forward to this.
Other than that i found my copy of Valkyria Chronicles that disappeared a while ago so i've been playing that and some Uncharted 2 multiplayer, both of which  are great.