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No. Not because I don't want to change my name, but because I have some common sense.

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@thegoldencat7: I know, but now i'm slightly less rubbish so I am playing people.
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Anyone want to play the biggest noob ever on PS3 in the next few hours?

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@ch13696 said:
" Ok. So I was looking through the forums today and I noticed something thats getting pretty repetitive that a lot of people are doing. When people comment on a forum another person quotes that persons comment and don't even say something themselves. I understand you want to say the same thing but just put it in your own words.  Does anyone else agree with me? If you have nothing to say then don't quote. P.S. I know you guys are gonna do it on this forum post so just get it out of your system. "
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@Stang: You have a PS3 now? O_O
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@dbz1995 said:
" @nanikore said:
" This guy from my block. He sprays tags that say "LOL" everywhere. "
OH SHIT THEY FOUND US  Anyway, Banksy. "
Mandems? XD
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@Stang: It's no big deal, how it plays is the important thing right. You're flowcharting, not boning it so who cares how it looks.
(edit: flowcharting was a joke, i'm the biggest SF noob around)
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@Stang said:

I know, shit is sexy. "
That's hot.
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We played a bit yesterday so you know how bad I suck but i'll enter.
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In my humble opinion, elimination would be better. Points seems overcomplicated.
(Love the picture btw)

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I'm offended...Ajay never sends me cartoon pussy