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@Benjaminvdv: except you are wrong, light is not an opinion. water is not an opinion either. The way I feel about someone or some group of people is an opinion. and really cool now that you now switched to saying crap constantly instead of fuck. Great
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@Benjaminvdv: ok, I get your point of view and I think you get mine, evryone has an opinion and our obviously conflict. But, because it is an opinion does not make me wrong. so once you are done saying things along the lines of "you are wrong" let me know. And it is a little annoying when all over your post you say fuck in the most uppity way. Come on, this is an argument, not an episode of cops. Relax
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@Benjaminvdv: so if something bad happens to you that automatically becomes an excuse for and wrongdoings you commit. So if my dad died, I could just go out and kill someone or because I got in a car accident I could start using drugs? and people do not become alcoholics after a night of heavy drinking. It takes years so no matter how you see it, it is is choice.
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so your saying it is the governments problem to help someone who chose to use drugs and or alcohol? It is in no way the governments responsibility to spend taxpayers money on people like that.

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how do you look at the stamps you have and have not collected like achievements? Because If I can not see what ones I have and do not have they become pointless

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Could someone help me with the putting it is the most aggravating thing I have ever done, I have absolutely no Idea how hard to putt the ball there are percentages all over the screen and when I hit it the exact percentage it asks for it just comes up short every time. I am eleven over par through 12 right now about an hour after shooting a 51 in tiger woods 08. Whats up

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 Im saying starting a discussion about all the games on the wii is just pointless. You are trying to get into an argument. You could have said there were some great games last year for the wii and then listed a few but instead you listed all of them and now you act surprised when people disagree. and I think everyone can agree FFCC: my life as a king was a terrible game

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@KnifeySpoony: I think fisher deserves less minutes, sure brown could talke those but farmar has played well too. Fishers jump shot scares me and he just needs less minutes. So far he really has not helpled them like the benched point guards have.
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great job just listing all the games that came out for the wii last year, but what does that mean. For example, rock band, great game but it is multiplatform so it means nothing. a good example on the list is no more heroes, stuff like that. If you honestly think that final fantasy crystal chronicles: my life as a king was a good game, well I guess you can not be helped

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Meowayne said:
"I was extremely interested in Wii music from the moment it was first shown years ago. Lost interest a little, and completely lost faith in the game after E3 08. Now it looks like this might be the game I wanted to try after all. We will see."
I agree, after E3 it was looking pretty grim but it is turning around. Its not deep but it could be entertaining and amusing for a group of people but it does not look like a game someone would go back to
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