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Thanks for contributing to the garbage dump of cringe. Seriously. I laughed my ass off. It hurt so good.

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Amazing work. You really outdid yourself.

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If any of you want to relieve the best of 1up you can download a best of here:

My favorite is GFW Radio 2007 and 2008. Its by far the best gaming podcast ive heard. Still, the bomcast fills the void left nicely.

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neogaf is cool cause evilore looks like a magical elf with those ears and amirox is open with his homosexuality. It shows how open minded and modern this guys/gals are. Have you seen aguirre? Hubba Hubba thats the kind of kawai tail im talking about. Yes, they have their share of hostile persons but thats the internet for you. I was part of their community once but after posting a bathroom full of shit with the caption "Dark Souls General" i got banned. I wanted to make people laugh but it seems that posting a gif of a pig being decapitated and a horse getting hit by a car is too much. Cloppers lived i said to no avail. Humor is subjective, i sure learned that. But once i posted a thread because i have a cursed penis and they were very supportive and sensitive. They are ok in my book. They also dont make fun of the autistic and their pockets full of spaghetti so thats a-ok in my book.

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Hey guys. I would love to be in your guild. Hit me up at skyebaron.7261

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Is getting excited for old games all my vita has to offer? Im selling mine.

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1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

2. Super Metroid

3. Half-Life 2

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1. The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time

2. Super Metroid

3. Team Fortress 2