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Just focus on your S-Links and go into the TV some nights to level your guys up.

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The first thing I ever remember wanting to get on the internet for is downloading cars for Midtown Madness and Need For Speed 3. Downloading a 65 meg Midtown Madness car pack was impossible because my mom was always on the phone.

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Play it because you enjoy it. They don't have to like everything you like.

If anyone thinks the type of criticism someone is making is poor or uninformed then tell them in a polite way or just stop following their work. People (especially the GB staff it seems) are usually very open to constructive criticism.

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I'm not planning on playing anything new, but me and a friend are going to try and play Outlast. She tells me she hates scary stuff so I think this will go well.

@jadegl I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream is awesome! I hope you enjoy it.

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Half Life, Uncharted, Call of Duty, Mass Effect, Portal.

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This is a very beautiful piece. I've never known anyone who's committed suicide, though my best friend has told me multiple times that she was close and its so difficult for me to imagine how I'd feel if she had gone through with it. That has nothing to do with games in the slightest. My friend isn't a gamer outside of Mortal Kombat and Halo, but I guess that's not really the point. It's just very hard to think of how I could feel in one of my close friends took their own life.

Your Wolf3D story reminded me of a time when I was maybe... 9 or 10 years old. I was playing King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie (a game that I thought was surprisingly good, despite being into Call of Duty 2 and Counter Strike at that age) on my PS2 (yes I'm young) with a huge group of friends. Maybe 8 kids sitting around a tiny TV screen all screaming whenever a raptor would jump out of no where, and collectively becoming anxious when Jack said "No magazines on back up" right before something big was going to attack us and we could only hope our Tommy Gun would kill the thing before we heard it click. It was an amazing experience, really. One that I can't imagine I'll ever have again, and thinking about that makes me kind of sad. I still have fun with two or three friends over and some drinks passing around a controller playing GTA, or playing Nidhogg tournaments, or dicking around in Octodad, but I don't think anything will really live up to that experience I had when I was 10.

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Played the beta. Thought it was boring. I liked the design of the dudes and the guns and stuff but that's about it. (as a side note I'm a huge FPS fan and love games with Diablo like loot. Borderlands was a fantastic game for me). I also fucking love Halo, and while gunplay is very similar I think it's the addition of pressing the left trigger before the right trigger that kills game for me. Somehow it's fine in Call of Duty but I'm not a fan of it anywhere else. Especially if the game is a bit slower, like Destiny seems to be.

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It's really god damn good.

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Not that many souls, but I was so elated when I beat the Bell Gargoyles on my first try (after hearing they were hard) that I started blasting the Black Knight 2k pinball music and running around the roof you fight them on. I fell off the roof and lost the 13k souls that I had. A friend of mine was in the room and thought it was hilarious, and now she wont stop mentioning it whenever I play Dark Souls.