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Always loved this tune.

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Dwarf every day

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I've had a good experience with the beta so far. The only bad thing was the my posse left me half way through the spider tank fight in Devil's Lair and I finished it on my own, but that's less a fault of the game and more of the people I has playing with. Love the look of the game, and the gunplay is really fun. Managed to Halo my way to level 8 (never aiming down sights) using shotguns and semi automatic rifles. The weapon types seem really generic though, and I hope to see more variation in weapon models. I picked up 3 handguns in a row that all looked the same and that was kind of lame.

Overall I like the look of the game and the feel of the game, but in the end it's going to come down to the variety in the environments and mission types.

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Didn't own a PS1, played a tonne of Ratchet on the PS2, and Uncharted is a great series. So both I guess,

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I'm the kind of person who'll sit in a character creator for hours and create the character I think is perfect. Whether it's a lady or a dude doesn't really matter to me. When it's something like Diablo 3 where it's just a choice of gender and not anything else I just choose the one that looks better, like the female Demon Hunter looks way cooler than the male one, but I prefer the male Barbarian model so that's what I'll choose for that class.

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No but I read Shank as Shark during the alpha and was then confused when i read it different for the beta.

Wait they're called Shanks? Fuck. I've been reading Shark as well.

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My parents are the exact same. I just ignore them because I get all my work done, still have friends and a life outside of games. I get out and absorb other fiction (somehow staring at a screen to watch a movie is better than staring at a screen to play a game) and see people etc. Just be polite about it (even if you feel as though your dad is being a dick) and say that gaming is just another thing in your life that's your choice, and you have to balance it just like everything else you do in your life, same as him with everything he does.

As a side note; my mom doesn't like games, but she doesn't mind when I talk about them with her as long as they have an interesting plot I can explain (like Gone Home or The Walking Dead adventure game). My dad just dismisses them outright as if they're the devil and doesn't think anything valueable can come out of them.

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I lost all my save data on my GameCube memory card. It had that 4in1 Zelda Collection on it with Ocarina completed, and I was a good way through Majora's Mask. It also had a 100% save for Twilight Princess, 100% complete Super Smash Brothers Melee, and I was playing Windwaker. I was mostly bummed about Windwaker since I've never beat the game and I really wanted to see it through.

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