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I try to play at least an hour a day. It's actually been really useful whenever I've had problems in my real life and I need to step away for a bit. My family sometimes asks me how I can play games during certain difficult times and I have to explain that if I wasn't playing games I would be overthinking situations and be in a worse place.

Basically this. I don't have to play a game every day but they help me in this respect as well. Especially something kind of mindless like a Call of Duty or pub games in Counter Strike. Really clears my head and helps me calm down.

Other than that I'll just pick a single player game thats usually a huge time sink and play that exclusively for a while. Right now I'm going through Dragon Age: Origins cause I never got around to beating it at launch.

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Alien is my favourite but I fucking love Aliens as well.

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This is endlessly hilarious.

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I feel tired. This whole thing is just making me feel old and tired. I feel like I'm longing for a time that can never exist again because of people that think the best way to "criticize" someone is to expose personal information or threaten to do terrible things. Fuck man. That's not criticism. That's stifling and snuffing out one side you don't agree with because you don't think they deserve to be heard. Everyone deserves to be heard. Whether you're white, black, asian, male, female, homosexual, heterosexual, short, tall, or whatever else anyone can be. Everyone's point is valid as long as you present it in a way that makes it valid. Threatening to shoot up a school is NOT VALID. Driving a woman from her home because of her feminist views is NOT VALID. What is valid (at least to me) is saying "Hey I don't agree with you for reasons X/Y/Z, so lets have a civil discussion about our reasons for believing the things we believe", or "I think what you did was unethical. Here's reasons X/Y/Z that support my opinion". If someone thinks that there's a problem with ethics in game journalism, responding with something equally, or in some cases more, unethical is not appropriate.

Maybe I'm asking to much from the internet at large, but I'm just so tired. I'm tired of the threats to developers trying to make points that should be made about real problems with the industry. Tired of people calling me a dumbass for thinking Depression Quest is interesting for the sole reason of "Zoe Quinn" (I don't even think Depression Quest is particularly good, just interesting). Like Jeff said, these are things that should not have to be said, but it's becoming more and more clear that it does. And that's deeply unsettling to me.

It's not that "GamerGate" is rotten to the core. Inside of that movement, past the crust of bigotry and death threats, there's something. Something that can be discussed genuinely, and though not without emotion, with some air of civility. I just hope that there are enough people who can speak loud enough ( and in a civil manner of course!) to make that discussion happen.

I'm sorry about the rambling, somewhat disjointed nature of this post, and that it's reiterating many of the points already stated.

Thanks to @jeff, @brad, @vinny, @alex, and @patrickklepek for the Letter from the Editor and for just being awesome, funny dudes.

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It can exist and I respect that even if I think it's gross that it does. And I'll probably end up playing it eventually cause I like playing new games regardless of quality or subject matter. (whether I'll go about procuring the game in a manner that gives these guys money remains to be seen).

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There are so many great looking open world games, but I really love Far Cry 3.

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Call of Duty 2 doesn't exist anymore, huh?

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I'd buy prints of these. No joke. They're absolutely fantastic.

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I didn't get it, but this is extremely generous! Thanks duder!

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