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The new America's Army game is surprisingly fun. Give it a try.

EDIT: Also, if you don't mind going back to a few older games: Unreal Tournament 2004, Quake 3, Battlefield 2, and Counter-Strike 1.6/Source are some really good competitive FPS game.

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@artisanbreads: I think they all finished the first one, at least. They talk about it on a podcast around the time Max Payne 3 came out. I guess Jeff, Brad and Vinny didn't like MP3 from mechanical and aesthetics standpoints, and judged it as an every-day Gears clone, rather than the disappointment Ryan seemed to have felt as a fan of the first two games who was expecting something more in-line with what those games did.

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I thought it was fantastic, but it seems the GB crew didn't. I recall Vinny, Jeff and Brad saying they didn't finish it because they got bored, and it wasn't enough like the first two Max Payne games.

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I would like a Medal of Honor code. Origin is totally fine. I've never played it and I want to have an opinion on that game.
Thanks, generous duder!

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Wear it to the panel if you're going. Some people not in on the joke might take it pretty badly.

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Skyfire543 / PS3

Let's kick some ass, duders.

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The Cockney guy would sing The Final Countdown in Saints 2. It had me on the floor laughing when I heard him terribly singing along to the synth part in the intro.

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Mirror's Edge. Gemini Rue, Far Cry, and this only has a teaser, but Sunset Overdrive is a fucking amazing name for a game.

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Divekick and Saints.

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I'm gonna send an E-Mail your way. This is very generous! Thanks!