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Divekick and Saints.

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I'm gonna send an E-Mail your way. This is very generous! Thanks!

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Naked Cartoon Pussy and my brother told me to watch the Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows quick look. SUPERFLY.

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Whenever someone asks a question like this I point them to Miami Connection. The movie is terrible, but god damn if it isn't entertaining.

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Man these lists are dumb.

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I am so pumped for this.

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We're actually talking about this?

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T shirt and Shorts in the summer, a hoodie and jeans in the winter. and for kicks:

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  • Half Life 2: G-Man, Gordon Freeman, Metro Cop
  • Hitman: Absolution: Skull Splitter, Run For Your life, Dexter Industries, Hope Vista, Red Room
  • Hotline Miami: Burn (x2)
  • Mc Pixel: Hot Dog Island
  • Serious Sam 3: Khunm, Antaresian Spider, Which-Bride
  • Summer Sale: Dead Island Riptide (x2), Football Manager 2013, Tomb Raider, Torchlight 2
  • System Shock 2: The Decent
  • Team Fortress 2: Demoman, Scout

I'll take anything from any of those games that isn't a duplicate. I'll also take all 5 Bastion cards if people are willing to trade them.

Add me here:

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When Ryan screams at about a minute in is one of the best moments ever.