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Games will happen

People will complain about resolution when they have no reason to

XOne price drop

PS4 price drop

Maybe slim versions of consoles

Double Fine will stay fine. Broken Age part 2 is fucking dope.

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@skyfire543: Dragon Age 2 is worth playing--there's some stuff about it I don't like, but the characters are fucking great, and the story, while sadly restricted to the city, is really good. Turn the combat to easy so you don't have to deal with it (the combat controls are actually pretty solid, but enemies spawn in waves and it gets tedious) and you'll have a good time.

I actually had more fun playing DA2 on hard than I did Origins. Part of that is because normal is a bit on the easy side though. I don't recommend dropping it to easy unless you really hate the combat.

I didn't like the combat that much when I played it. I'll start of normal and drop it down if I start to really hate it.

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@sterling: I'll definitely look into them. I need something to read.

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@sterling: You're making me want to go all 'Vinny with The Witcher' and read the Dragon Age books in the original Polish.

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@donchipotle: It cool to know that some smaller choices and side quests are followed up on. That kind of sucks about the Hero of Ferelden, though. They did end a Blight, and last time I checked thats a pretty darn big deal.

@the_ruiner: I'll have to play 2 then. Or at least enough to kind of get an idea of where that game goes. I don't want to just read the Dragon Age wiki and fill out the Keep if choices are represented.

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(I tagged a couple little things from Origins as spoilers just in case. The game may be old but if the people I know are any indication, people are playing it gearing up for Inquisition so I don't want to bum anyone out with potential spoilers)

I'm pretty down financially at this point, so by the time I have enough spare cash to pick up Inquisition I'll have finished Origins and I'm debating playing 2. I'm interested to know how much your choices in the previous games are touched upon outside of the broader state of the world. I'm sure things like crowning Alistair king or executing Loghain will have some sort of mention, since Lilliana is in the Inquisition and she would have been around for all that (potentially), but will she remember if her and my Grey Warden had a little thing going on? Will her and Morrigan remember that my Warden was a Dwarf, and even more detailed than that, a warrior? I can't cite any examples from 2 since I haven't played past the intro, but I assume Hawke is still alive somewhere so do choices from that game pay off?

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I stopped pre-oredering things after Counter Strike:GO. I pre-ordered it as soon as I could cause I love Counter Strike to death, but theres just something about GO that I really don't like. I think it's the FOV on the guns and just the general look of the game. For some reason I want my CS to look and feel like... well... a mod, and not a super polished online FPS with matchmaking and all that jazz.

Annnnnyway, I no longer pre-order games because even ones I think I'll like can disappoint me.

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It won't be his GOTY, but it'll be on his list. I can't even guess what Jeff GOTY will be. Shovel Knight? Wolfenstien? Who knows.

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So if I die in the game does it just drain all my blood? This is the only way this can end in my opinion.

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Mouse and keyboard all the time. I don't mind controllers in the slightest I just love the feeling of a mouse and keyboard.