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@yoshisaur: How is ArcheAge? It looks really pretty and the description of 100 classes and sandbox gameplay has me interested.

Also thinking of popping back into WoW with a trial account. Gonna join Dan's server. We should get a little guild up and running there.

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Just bring the essentials. You'll be fine, duder!
EDIT: I mainly just came here to post that song, but seriously. With your parents paying utilities, you'll probably be all good as long as you have food and water.

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@equitasinvictus: Used that as the base for a little drawing I did for Jeffery on this special day.

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Always loved this tune.

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Dwarf every day

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I've had a good experience with the beta so far. The only bad thing was the my posse left me half way through the spider tank fight in Devil's Lair and I finished it on my own, but that's less a fault of the game and more of the people I has playing with. Love the look of the game, and the gunplay is really fun. Managed to Halo my way to level 8 (never aiming down sights) using shotguns and semi automatic rifles. The weapon types seem really generic though, and I hope to see more variation in weapon models. I picked up 3 handguns in a row that all looked the same and that was kind of lame.

Overall I like the look of the game and the feel of the game, but in the end it's going to come down to the variety in the environments and mission types.

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Didn't own a PS1, played a tonne of Ratchet on the PS2, and Uncharted is a great series. So both I guess,

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I'm the kind of person who'll sit in a character creator for hours and create the character I think is perfect. Whether it's a lady or a dude doesn't really matter to me. When it's something like Diablo 3 where it's just a choice of gender and not anything else I just choose the one that looks better, like the female Demon Hunter looks way cooler than the male one, but I prefer the male Barbarian model so that's what I'll choose for that class.

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No but I read Shank as Shark during the alpha and was then confused when i read it different for the beta.

Wait they're called Shanks? Fuck. I've been reading Shark as well.

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