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Battlefield 2, y'all.

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There was this Japanese Dodgeball game I used to play on the Genesis. There were 6 dudes on each side I think, and if one of your guys got hit, they went behind the opposing team's players to try and hit them and come back in. I think the menus had a green background.

I started thinking about it yesterday and it been really bothering me.

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The fact the game was too hard when you were under-leveled and not geared up, and then became easier as you leveled up and bought better guns seems like the game is working as Bungie intended it to.

You guys are missing the point completely. The OP got into a mission that was one level above him, it was impossible, he leveled and it became a cakewalk. That doesn't sound fun at all.

It sounds like an RPG, and that's what this game is.

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The end has come, duders.

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It's downloading at the moment. Looks like Battlefield.

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DA: Origins was awesome, BUT I NEED MY WITCH FIX.

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So he can bring joy to the world.
Also very possible he just left it running on his PC when family things suddenly happened or something.

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I got Batman: Arkham Origins with my card a while ago. Not a game I think I'm ever going to play, but hey, free games!

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I don't think Crawl is available to the public just yet. I remember Patrick saying he got the build they play from the developer.