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I don't think Crawl is available to the public just yet. I remember Patrick saying he got the build they play from the developer.

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Deus Ex: Invisible War. It doesn't stand up to the first one but... it's not that bad you guys.

@bisonhero: Mega Man X is fucking awesome.

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Out of those two I'd have to go with GameSpot. The dudes who work there seem A-Ok. Especially that O'Dwyer kid. He's going places. You're the best, Danny.

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Only if Will Smith plays Will Smith

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I like Mario Kart 64. There seems to be a general 'meh' feeling about the N64 in the staff outside of Ocarina and Super Mario 64. Not really relevant. Just an observation.

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Bass Guitar.

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That dude has a fucking shotgun, so I'm in.

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@pimblycharles said:

@skyfire543 said:

Very poorly optimized, but with a lot of tweaking I got it to a pretty stable frame rate, but it still stutters a lot while driving, and a tiny but while walking around the city.

@dystopiax said:

It's pretty poorly optimized. There are a couple fixes for the stuttering problem that I tried, some command line input on startup. Don't remember it but I'm sure it'll turn up if you google it. It seemed to work pretty well for me.

I'll have to try this.

This seems to be the fix @dystopiax is talking about. I'm going to try it later tonight, as the stuttering is really bad for me also. Will let you duders know how it works out for me.

Thanks duder. EDIT: Tried it and it works! No more stuttery driving for me!