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The New Order is really easy if you've played through it once. It'll be a breeze to get through again and it has a really good ending. (minus that boss, which isn't that frustrating but it's not good either)

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I got MGSV:Ground Zeroes and Grim Dawn. Probably not going to get anything else since I have such a huge backlog, but I feel good about those two purchases.

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Ive been loving this so far on the PC. Dan was right. This game does play great. Making me really excited for MGS 5.

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So much Advanced Warfare. And Half Life. And Metal Gear Solid 3.

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@blackout62: Link? In the Water Temple.

Most of the Female cast of Dragon Age. I also really liked Fabiana's sister Giovanna in Max Payne 3. She's just about the only character in that entire game who isn't a dirtbag.

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I kind of agree with Brad on this one. I'd like there to be deeper mechanics, but if this is just me walking around discovering things and scanning plants I'd be so happy.

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Just finished my finals, so it's all Dragon Age all the time around these parts! Not Inquisition though. I just finished Origins and I'm about 12 hours into 2. Gotta set up my version of Thedas for Inquisition, even if I don't like a lot of things about that second game.

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@corevi said:

As someone who has anxiety and depression Alex Navarro is a fucking hero.

Someone already quoted this but I'm gonna do it again cause it rings true for me as well.

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