Top 100

These games are beautiful works of art, in my opinion of course.

  • The first 25 positions (1-25) - the best of the best.
  • Last 20 positions (81-100) - the worst of the best.



  • Hardcore - means that the company has completed in the game at the highest possible level difficulty.
  • No switch difficulty - therefore end at the maximum level difficulty can not be


  • 100% walkthrough - means that the whole game is completed in full (get the achievement of "100%" (if there), all the missions of company in the game completed for 100%, fully completed additional missions, completed all the quests in the game)
  • All achievements - get all the achievements in the game


  • Challenge(0) - means the creation and completion of the challenges yourself. (Instead of "0" indicates the number of completed challenges. The name and description of each challenge is written below tags)


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