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Quite pleased that I finally found out you can use the bandanna mask without the default hat and glasses that come with it. If this is a legit bug that they`ll patch, I shall no longer be pleased. I'm rocking the military sweater because you can't wear gloves with a vest and non-white shirt. Yup, if you switch the shirt under the vest, gloves can no longer be worn. A darn shame, y'all.

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@borklund: There isn't really an official PC specific one, but Giantbombsquad looks to have the most PC players.

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I joined GBSQ since it seems to have the highest number of PC players at the moment. I'm Dukeofmeh on PC.

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I guess we're back at it again? Cool beans.

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Yeah, I'm still in good ol' GBPS from the original ps3 launch. I wonder if anyone from that crew will make the move over to PC.

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@brodehouse: Pretty much, I think. Fujinami is going in the HoF this year and apparently when Inoki went in Yoshi Tatsu won a battle royale at Wrestlemania. Coincidence?

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My rottweiler's name was Jammer.

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So I figured now that there are a mere three weeks remaining in my training at SWA I'd give y'all an update. We've progressed to the point where our training is largely just being paired up and having matches. Everyone in the class has at least one match with Lance and today I had mine. Holy shit is he good. I mean sure, you can watch his matches and listen to all the the praise he gets, but being in the ring with him is an entirely different world. About half of the class has had some training before, if not full matches under their belt, but Lance has been pulling entertaining and solid matches out of even guys like me who had never taken a bump just over two months ago. It's funny because after you have a match with him you think to yourself "That went really well, I might be alright at this", and then a split second later you remember that you'd have to be god awful to manage to drag Lance Storm down. I still have so much to work on, but I'm excited to keep doing matches as the last few weeks close out.

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@milkman: Holy shit that looks amazing.

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