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@mjhealy: Darn right it was. Zayn is so damn good at looking forlorn. Hell, smackdown was good this week. Well, I only remember the Cesaro/Kidd/Ziggler triple threat, because holy shit that match was fantastic.

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@milkman: Keep in mind their list is in kayfabe or whatever. Not that it makes it that much better, but Cameron's ranking has pretty much nothing to do with her ability.

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It sounds like maybe WWE found a way to drag Rey Mysterio back. I don't even know what you do with that poor guy.

I really don't want him to come back. He clearly wanted out, and if they insist on using him for TV it's just one less spot for the younger talent.

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I don't care what else you do tonight, but you all NEED to find the main event of this week's Lucha Underground. That match was fucking dope and made me want to go watch a bunch of AAA.

Hell yeah, Lucha Underground has turned out to be the highlight of my wrestling week since it started. It's like an actual TV show with a plot, but it's wrestling. Imagine that!

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Looks like PWG is having their Fall-Winter sale right now, 5 DVD's from that big ass list for $40USD + shipping. I don't always order wrestling DVD's, but when I do, they offer me 5 for only $40. It says the sale could end at any time, so best not dilly-dally if you're interested. I picked the El Generico compilation, DDT4 2013, BOLA 2013 Nights One and Two, and ELEVEN.

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@meatball: Holy shit that looks amazing. Gonna have to catch the replay!

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@spiritof said:

Can I just say that I have no room in my life for wrestlers like Baron Corbin and Bull Dempsey.

I get that the business needs its "monsters", but I find Corbin's 20 second matches dull and I just can't take an egg shaped Dempsey that seriously. I enjoy a big brute of a wrestler every now and then, but these two could actually take some tips from Titus O'Neil (of all people), whose NXT stuff I've genuinely been entertained by. He shows off random feats of strength and really seems to get a charge out of heating a crowd up. Corbin just feels like a future member of the Wyatt Family and Bull feels like a soon to be distant memory.

Bull Dempsey is bad that's why.

I can't say about Corbin either way until he actually works a match with this character.

I feel a bit bad for Bull now that Steen has signed. Except for that I have about as much interest in Bull as I do Mojo.

As for Corbin, he has the look and a good presence to him, but I fully expect that to disappear as soon as he talks or actually wrestles for more than 5 minutes.

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@gorillamopena: I hope that stubble means the Brock beard is coming back. Viking Brock is my favourite Brock.

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I've been overcome by glorious visions of Randy Orton countering the F5 into an RKO. I now desperately want Orton to win at HIAC.

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I'm pretty excited to quit my current job (also at a grocery store), especially since I've known when I would do so for nearly a year now. I like a lot of the people I work with, my boss is more my friend than a boss, I even met my best friend working at the store. Hell, I don't even get shitty customers. Seriously, every customer I get is nice, or at the very least not rude or a hassle, it's weird. I just don't like the actual work part of it. I'm still a ways out before being done (end of November), but I can't wait to be done.