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@willtron: That's good to know! I haven't heard him speak English. How's his grasp of the language? Around the same as Yoshi?

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@roberto_durano: Probably not, even if Punk is on the outs with the WWE right now. It will just bring more annoying CM Punk chants. Even if they flat out say "Hey, the Go 2 Sleep? Yeah, Punk took it from KENTA.", they'll still chant CM Punk.

As for speaking English, not that I know of. I could be wrong, but I doubt he's anywhere near fluent. Even still, he should be able to get over from his wrestling alone. It's not like Cesaro speaking English really helped him get over.

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@corruptedevil: I think they'll figure something out. We'll probably miss G1 (which really really sucks), but I think the demand should be great enough to justify them finding another option.

@meatball Yet, my friend, yet . . .You could always give that yottsume bloke a shout, as I think he still ships to fans overseas. IIRC, two shirts to the US + tip (since good folks tip him for being the best and helping out NJPW fans abroad) was like 75 USD. Which is really not that much more.

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In case ya'll New Japan fans managed to not not see the news, One Hour Tees (ie are distributing New Japan shirts in North America now. Well, it's really that they have permission to print the designs, but still, pretty neat. And yes, while this happened a couple weeks back, they did just release more designs, including the nation themed NJPW logo tees. I picked up the Canadian one.

Like I said before, these are their own prints, so no New Japan tags on the inside, but it's legit and a nice alternative if you're awkward like me and don't want to email yottsume.

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@milkman: ... I really wish PWG could do IPPVs.

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@demoskinos said:

So I really hope these videos are a work.

Pretty sure this is a meta commentary on how Maddox has been buried in WWE.

Or viral marketing for a new WWE film starring Brad Maddox. That's what I like to think, at least. I mean, he did get "fired" as GM, so no having to tour, which leaves time for filming. Maybe?

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"Upon further evaluation", eh? That just makes it sound like there was no initial evaluation to begin with, given how quickly they reinstated her.

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@papercut: I hated that as well, granted I don't like this Vaudevillians business either. Maybe I'm turning into a curmudgeon or something. . .

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I'd take Cena as champ (briefly) over Reigns. He ain't ready, y'all. Also, Rollins' super villain gear is awesome.