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new title screens and what makes them so bad is they're usually the final reward.

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@seannao said:

Probably Diddy Kong Racing. That game had some of the worst AI rubberbanding that I can remember.

I've played that game countless times. With the exception of the walrus (2nd run), octopus (2nd run) and wizpig. That game has almost no rubberbanding.

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F-Zero GX I suppose. I managed to beat the story mode on all chapters without snaking. I also completed every cup on every difficulty without snaking to the exception of the AX cup where by that point I just wanted to finish the game; and recently getting the platinum in Shadow Of The Colossus (it is not easy).

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I'm still baffled that this is a meme. It's like people have just discovered the internet.

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I wouldn't be surprised that the age of the board of directors being somewhere in the 50s-70s, probably explains all of the weird business decisions they make.

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Because when he said it during that interview, it sounded like it was supposed to be some sort of selling point, which is just fucked up.

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What classes and levels are the pawns? Have a mage with high anodyne that can heal your party. With the Wraith knock out with a bow using fivefold flurry if my memory serves me. great rapid fire that does pretty good damage.

Also it's best to take down the smaller enemies when they are grouped with the large bosslike enemies, leave the pawns to deal with them and only run to them when your pawns are down.

If you have a sword, intimate gambit is excellent with the boss enemies when they're stunned.

You can hire my ranger pawn if you'd like, I'm on PS3: SkyTown Drifts (level 84 I think? everything dragonforged).

Let me know if you need anymore help

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@__Lotus said:

I'm planning on playing it for the first time as soon as I can. However, I'm going to start with the SNES version b/c that is the version everyone fell in love with and I'd rather experience it that way.

I've noticed a lot of praise for the DS version, but I've also noticed a few complaints (isn't the frog character's speech modified in a way that compromises the character?).

They changed it to the original Japanese version of the character. The English version had him speaking in a Shakespearean way. The Japanese version has him speaking differently.

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Oh god, someone lock this.