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Got on for a bit. Jukebox was fucked up, but 1 other duder and me had some fun races. I enjoyed the tracks I played as well.

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@thatloud408: You don't need the internet. Games tend to install faster without internet even. Also, you may not even need it for initial setup at this point, assuming the new consoles ship somewhat up to date.

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I feel like this should be for stuff they haven't quick looked before.

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@johnnymcginley: I posted this somewhere else, but indie games had a very weak year compared to the last few years.

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@crembaw said:

Nothing in that video seemed to indicate anything dramatically different than the ADS/scopes that have existed in Halo since its outset.

The animation and the way the scoped in view looked was a lot more like the average shooter these days then halo, so people reasonably assumed that it would also behave like your average shooter and not like halo has in the past. Thankfully it sounds like that isn't the case, but I don't blame people for being concerned. I was, but I am still cautiously optimistic even after halo 4.

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Have at them.









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You could write a greasemonkey script to do it pretty easily.

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@clonedzero: What do you mean a timer to self delete comments? (edit: Never mind, I see it!)

@video_game_king: I haven't been reading the forums/comments as much lately, life has been busy, but has it gotten that much worse? It doesn't really seem any worse, there are still the ass hats on controversial stuff, but it's not really much different.

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I noticed they locked comments on the latest Bombcast. Is this going to be a regular thing now when people are acting dumb and making stupid comments on articles/videos/podcasts?

It seems kinda weird that they would lock it after taking off for the day. I mainly wonder because of Jeff's recent article/letter talking about changing the way things are run and I suppose stopping all discussion is a valid way of preventing toxic things from being posted. I hope this isn't a regular thing and locking comments seems very extreme, especially considering I can comment on any bombcast ever besides the latest now.

Also, this weeks podcast was good, once they got past the boring tell us how awesome you are part of having a guest.

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Rome 2: Total War

I need to go back because its suppose to be better after patches, but I was a little dissapointed because the first rome was my first total war and it blew my mind when I was younger.

Farcry 2 is my answer to this thread, worst game I've ever bought at full price.